250 Pretty Last Names For Girls With Meanings

Every parent is looking for the right name for their baby. But in doing so, many go for names that aren’t popular for whatever reason. However, this is a costly mistake because you can’t change the name later. We’ve all heard stories where parents name their child something that the child ends up growing up to hate it. How can you avoid that?

Do some research and check out some popular pretty last names for girls names to get a better idea.

  • Hamilton:” One from Hamela’s place”
  • Rossi: “Red-haired”
  • Julietta: “Jove’s child”
  • Althea: “Wholesome”
  • Vivian: “living” “lively” and “life”
  • Peck: “one living near the peak”
  • Francis:”Free”
  • Aliz: “noble graceful and honest”
  • Albertine: “Noble and bright
  • Collier:”one that produces charcoal”
  • Vera: “truth” “faith” or “summer”
  • Archer:”bowman”
  • Tiara: “Queen or head of Persian Kings”
  • Halston:”holy stone”
  • Shirina: “love song”
  • Barlow: “a pocket knife”

In the past, some parents have named their child after celebrities or fictional characters. Sometimes the parents themselves will choose a name that is not typical.

Other times they will choose a name that is not common at all.

Some parents are so overwhelmed with the task of naming their child, they opt for a one-word baby name. And although this has been a popular choice, it’s not always the best decision.

In many cultures around the world, a name is considered an important part of a child’s identity. Besides, it’s a good idea to avoid naming your child the same as their father, which might lead to confusion.

So, what should the perfect baby’s name be?

Let’s dive into the list of awesome pretty last names for girls.

  • Sai: “sigh”
  • Winslet: “Wynn’s stream”
  • Wrigley:”to strive”
  • Ilaria:”cheerful and humorous”
  • Yancy: “Englishman”
  • York:”a yew settlement”
  • Greathouse:“Big house”
  • Caledonia: “hard or rocky land”
  • Hardy: “bold”
  • Rush: “one who lives near the rushes”
  • Jamille: “beautiful”
  • Deja: “once before already or remembrance”
  • Ferguson: “the son of Fergus”
  • Sullivan: “dark-eyed”
  • Autumn: “to fall from a height”
  • Mayhem:”chaos and mischief”
  • Griffith: “chief”
  • Rose: “rose a flower”

Pretty Last Names For Girls

Last Names For Girls

  • Sinclair: “pure renowned illustrious”
  • Chante: “being sung”
  • Fang: “square” or “four sided”
  • Farley: “fern”
  • Remington: “from the Ridge Town”
  • Murphy: “sea warrior”
  • Witt: “white”
  • Della: “noble”
  • Barlowe:”Lives on the hill”
  • Bartley: “a clearing in the woods”
  • Kylie: “intelligent graceful and beautiful”
  • Goddard:”good”
  • Almond: “noble protector”
  • Lozano: “Elegant haughty”
  • Lucia: “light or illumination”
  • Olivia: “a symbol of peace”
  • Gabriella: “God’s strength”
  • Davina: “beloved or friend”
  • Chin: “dweller by the ravine”

What Are Some Of The Cutest Last Names For Girls?

Last Names For Girls

  • Rojas: “red”
  • Fredrick: “ruler”
  • Reeve:”around something”
  • Cruz: “cross”
  • Aban:: “clear”
  • Austin:” great”
  • Fox:“Cunning”
  • Cooper: “a barrel maker”
  • Shayna: “beautiful”
  • Finn:”fair”
  • Webb: “weaver of cloth”
  • Vandenberg: “from the mountain”
  • Templeton: “town of sanctuary”
  • Alecia:”noble or nobility”
  • Esme: “Beloved”
  • Kenna: “born of fire” or “handsome”
  • Adler:” Eagle”

Tips To Naming Your Babies

There are millions of baby names out there, and while most parents decide on a name and stick with it for the rest of their lives, there are some who wish the best for their future child but don’t have a clue how to choose a name. If you’re seeking inspiration beyond traditional sources, consider exploring unconventional options like sneaker names to find a unique and meaningful name for your little one.

to find a unique and meaningful name for your little one.

These parents may be confused about why they can’t come up with a name for their baby, or they may have tried several times and have given up on the idea.

If you are considering giving your child a name, there are some things you should know:

1. Pick The Name You Love, Even If It Is Popular.

It is popular and you love it. Anything else you need to think about? Nope. Go for it. Consider a great middle name if you want to give it uniqueness.

Here are some popular pretty last names for girls out there:

  • Carson
  • Meaning: “son of the marsh-dwellers”
  • Origin: Irish.
  • Description: United States frontiersman who guided Fremont’s expeditions in the 1840s.
  • Spelling And Variations: Karson and Karsyn.
  • Famous People with this name: Carson Bigbee.
  • Ellis
  • Meaning: “benevolent”
  • Origin: English and Welsh.
  • Description: A patronymic surname​ derived from the given name Elis.
  • Spelling And Variations: Ellis, Elliss, Ellys.
  • Famous People with this name: Ellis Weiner.
  • Jennings
  • Meaning: “Little John”
  • Origin: medieval
  • Description: The Jennings series is a collection of novels written by Anthony Buckeridge.
  • Spelling And Variations: Jennings, Jennings, Jennins.
  • Famous People with this name: Michael Jennings.
  • Monroe
  • Meaning: “From the mouth of the”
  • Origin: Scottish.
  • Description: Monroe was the fifth President of the United States.
  • Spelling And Variations: Monroe, Monro, Monrow, Munroe.
  • Famous People with this name: Marilyn Monroe.
  • Cooper
  • Meaning: “barrel maker”
  • Origin: Saxon.
  • Description: A cooper is a person trained to make wooden casks.
  • Spelling And Variations: Cooper, Cowper, Couper, Coupar.
  • Famous People with this name: Gary Cooper.
  • Lincoln
  • Meaning: “town by the pool”
  • Origin: English.
  • Description: 16th president of the United States (1861–65), who preserved the Union during the American Civil War.
  • Spelling And Variations: –
  • Famous People with this name: Lincoln Almond.
  • Copeland
  • Meaning: “bought land”
  • Origin: Old English.
  • Description: work with one scroll orbiting in a path defined by a matching fixed scroll.
  • Spelling And Variations: Copeland, Coupland, Copland.
  • Famous People with this name: Aaron Copland.
  • Davis
  • Meaning: “beloved”
  • Origin: American.
  • Description: president of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War.
  • Spelling And Variations: Davies, Davis, Divis.
  • Famous People with this name: Aasha Davis.
  • Hutton
  • Meaning:” of rock and land”
  • Origin: Old English.
  • Description: Scottish geologist whose theories of rock and land formation laid the foundation for modern geology.
  • Spelling And Variations: Hutton, Hutten.
  • Famous People with this name: Charles Hutton.
  • Finley
  • Meaning: “a fair warrior”
  • Origin: Scottish
  • Description: The name Finley, means fair-haired courageous one.
  • Spelling And Variations: Finlay, Finlea, Finlee.
  • Famous People with this name: Chuck Finley.
  • Duncan
  • Meaning: “a dark warrior”
  • Origin: Scottish.
  • Description: a fair and wise king who is generous with his kinsmen and just with his people.
  • Spelling And Variations: –
  • Famous People with this name: Duncan Sandys.
  • Penn
  • Meaning: “enclosure”
  • Origin: English.
  • Description: Penn may have originated as a nickname for a short, stocky person.
  • Spelling And Variations: –
  • Famous People with this name: Leo Penn.
  • Sawyer
  • Meaning: “woodcutters”
  • Origin: Old English.
  • Description: The name Sawyer is primarily a gender-neutral name in English.
  • Spelling And Variations: Sawyer, Sawier, Sawer.
  • Famous People with this name: Sawyer Fulton.

2. Do Not Skip Lovely Pretty Last Names For Girls Even If They Are Unique, Unusual, And Different.

Last Names For Girls

Sometimes, parents will not go for unusual, unique, and different baby names. They consider it weird. Let me tell you that being attractive and thought-provoking is the game these days.

How would you like these pretty last names for girls:

  • Irwin: “friend”
  • Hart:“Stag; strong; brave”
  • Aquila:” An eagle”
  • Abbott: “The head of a monastery”
  • Love:” tenderness and warmth”
  • Reveka: “captivating”
  • Colt: “Young horse”
  • Valencia: “Brave firm or healthy”
  • Antoinette: “Praiseworthy”
  • Vanda: “Wanderer”
  • Amos: “To carry”
  • Irene: “Peace”
  • Brennan: “A little raven”
  • Merritt:” From the boundary gate”
  • Rooney: “descendant of Ruanaidh”
  • Amana: “Integrity faithful trust”

3. Be Confident If You Want To Go Toward Personalized Spellings For Your baby’s name.

SURE. You should be confident when giving personalized spellings to your baby’s name. However, it is important that you do not make it weird.

Adding or removing an alphabet would be enough here.

Try changing these baby names’ spellings into personalized ones:

  • Brady
  • Meaning: “spirited”
  • Origin: Irish.
  • Description: The name Brady is a boy’s name of Irish origin..
  • Spelling And Variations: Grady, Brady, O’Grady, O’Brady.
  • Famous People with this name: Brady Ackerman.
  • Thompson
  • Meaning: “Son of Thomp”
  • Origin: Scottish.
  • Description: Thompson is a patronymic surname meaning son of the man.
  • Spelling And Variations: Thom, Thomas, Thomason, Thomassen, Thomasson.
  • Famous People with this name: Adam Thompson.
  • Ashley
  • Meaning: “dweller near the ash tree meadow”
  • Origin: English
  • Description: A name that became famous as a girl’s name because of Laura Ashley.
  • Spelling And Variations: Ashlea, Ashlee, Ashli, Ashlie, and Ashly.
  • Famous People with this name: Laura Ashley.
  • Enna
  • Meaning: “awe, fear, or terror”
  • Origin: Irish.
  • Description: A unique girls’ last name that can also be used for first names.
  • Spelling And Variations: MacKenna, MacKennagh, MacKenney.
  • Famous People with this name: –
  • Avery
  • Meaning: “ruler of elves”
  • Origin: English.
  • Description: is a gender-neutral surname that’s been used since decades.
  • Spelling And Variations: Averie and Averi.
  • Famous People with this name: Avery Bradley.
  • Pattinson
  • Meaning: “son of Patrick”
  • Origin: Latin.
  • Description: This surname is derived from the name of an ancestor.
  • Spelling And Variations: –
  • Famous People with this name: –
  • Everly
  • Meaning: “from the boar meadows”
  • Origin: Old English.
  • Description: Everly originated as a toponymic surname derived from the Old English.
  • Spelling And Variations: Everleigh.
  • Famous People with this name: Everly Grayce Johnson.
  • Bexley
  • Meaning: “a clearing in the forest”
  • Origin: Old English.
  • Description: The name Bexley is primarily a male name of English.
  • Spelling And Variations: –
  • Famous People with this name: –
  • Eva
  • Meaning: “living life at fullest”
  • Origin: Latin.
  • Description: This name is one of the top feminine surnames for people living in the countryside.
  • Spelling And Variations: Evita, Eeva, Evalea, Evelina.
  • Famous People with this name: Eva Aariak.
  • Candidal
  • Meaning: “dazzling white, bright, glowing light”
  • Origin: Latin.
  • Description: This name is one of the top last names for girls living in rural areas.
  • Spelling And Variations: Candelori, Candilori, Candelora.
  • Famous People with this name: Candida Lycett Green.
  • Bellamy
  • Meaning: “beautiful friend”
  • Origin: French and English.
  • Description: This name is one of the top French last names for families.
  • Spelling And Variations: Bellamy, Belamy, Bellamie.
  • Famous People with this name: Benjamin Bellamy.
  • Violet
  • Meaning: “color” or “the flower”
  • Origin: English.
  • Description: A girl’s last name might be perfect for your characters.
  • Spelling And Variations: Viola, Violeta, Violetta.
  • Famous People with this name: Violet Aitken.

4. Crossing Your Favorite Pretty Last Names For Girls On The Feedback On Friends And Family Members.

Last Names For Girls

Feedback is important. But it does not mean to listen to every other person’s opinion. You will hardly find pretty last names for girls that everybody would like.

Therefore, get feedback but still know your choice.

Consider getting feedback on these baby names from your friends and family members:

  • Wong: “one living near meadows or fields”
  • Crassus: “rich or wealthy”
  • Price:”son of Rhys”
  • Viotto:”Life”
  • Rossi: “one with red hair”
  • Desai:”Lord of the land”
  • Brooks: “a brook”
  • Cher: “Darling or beloved”
  • Rooney: “red-haired”
  • Villarreal: “Royal settlement”
  • Agapov: “To love”
  • Aberra: “Light; one who shines”
  • Godfrey:” peace”
  • Porter: “Gatekeeper”
  • Evangeline: “Good news or a bringer of good news”
  • Guo: “Fortification”

5. Do A little Research And Find What Is Out There.

Research is an important step for first-time parents as well as for those who do not know what sort of names people pick. You will be all good once you do a little internet research.

You will also be able to find some great pretty last names for girls that you might consider now or in the future.

Here are some common baby names examples to help you:

  • York
  • Meaning: “from the estate”
  • Origin: English.
  • Description: A top family name used by a family who loves traveling.
  • Spelling And Variations: –
  • Famous People with this name: –
  • Eleanor
  • Meaning: “shining light”
  • Origin: Greek.
  • Description: his is among the most popular first names for girls.
  • Spelling And Variations: Eleanore and Elinor.
  • Famous People with this name: Eleanor of Toledo.
  • Hathaway
  • Meaning: “war warrior”
  • Origin: English.
  • Description: This top name comes from the name of celebrated.
  • Spelling And Variations: Hathaway, Hatheway, Hathoway.
  • Famous People with this name: Anne Hathaway.
  • Anastasia
  • Meaning: “resurrection”
  • Origin: Greek.
  • Description: This name makes a rare surname for any character.
  • Spelling And Variations:
  • Famous People with this name: Nastia Liukin.
  • Angelica
  • Meaning: “angel”
  • Origin: Latin.
  • Description: The top girl’s last name can be used as the first name.
  • Spelling And Variations: Angelika. Angyalka. Anjelica.
  • Famous People with this name: Anjelika Krylova.
  • Arel
  • Meaning: “angel of fire”
  • Origin: Hebrew.
  • Description: This name can also be used as a first name.
  • Spelling And Variations: Ariël, Ariella, Arielle.
  • Famous People with this name: –
  • Valentina
  • Meaning: “healthy, strong”
  • Origin: Roman.
  • Description: This name is a top Roman last name for girls living near the coast.
  • Spelling And Variations: –
  • Famous People with this name: Valentina Acosta.
  • Linnea
  • Meaning: “a twinflower or lime tree”
  • Origin: Swedish.
  • Description: This top name comes from the name of celebrated Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus.
  • Spelling And Variations: Linnea, Lenae, Linea.
  • Famous People with this name: Carl Linnaeus.
  • Nadia
  • Meaning: “hope”
  • Origin: Slavic.
  • Description: One of the surnames on this list can also be used as first names.
  • Spelling And Variations: Nadja, Nadya, Nadine.
  • Famous People with this name: Nadia Abdalá.
  • Smith
  • Meaning: “a person who makes or repairs metal objects”
  • Origin: English.
  • Description: Smith is the most common last name in America.
  • Spelling And Variations: Smith, Smyth, Smythe
  • Famous People with this name: John Smith.
  • Bishop
  • Meaning: “protector”
  • Origin: English.
  • Description: a good last name for a character in a story.
  • Spelling And Variations: Bishop, Bishop, Bisshope, Bishope.
  • Famous People with this name: Elizabeth Bishop.
  • Bradshaw
  • Meaning: “beautiful and glamorous girl”
  • Origin: English.
  • Description: derived from the Old English brad and saga.
  • Spelling And Variations: Bradshaw, Bradshay, Bradshaigh, Bradshawe.
  • Famous People with this name: Carrie Bradshaw.

6. Consider The Names Of The Subsequent Children.

Maybe, you are first time parents and figuring out some cool pretty last names for girls. It is a good idea to consider the names of subsequent children too.

7. Avoid Names With Bad Meanings.

Baby names with bad meanings can be a cause of embarrassment for you and your kid. Be sure to know the meaning of the name you are gonna pick and be sure it is encouraging and positive.

Here are some of the cool pretty last names for girls with meanings:

  • Campbell: “Crooked mouth”
  • Verbeck: “from the creek”
  • Frost: “The frosty season”
  • Hendrix:“Ruler of the home”
  • Lana: “light”
  • Tinsley:”shiny metallic tree trimming”
  • Bowie: “yellow”
  • Paisley: “Church”
  • Madden:”Little dog”
  • Swayze:”famous real life people “
  • Knight:“serving lad”
  • Fawn:”a young deer”
  • Ice:”frozen water”
  • Raven:”blackbird”
  • Higgins:”Viking”

8.  Pick Up Good People Names From History.

The name of person has effect on his/her personality, it is said. Maybe, that’s the reason why people choose names from history. You can consider this as well.

I am sure you have heard about many legends from the past. I bet you’d find some awesome and useable pretty last names for girls if you look into it.

We have a small list of pretty last names for girls here for you to check out and know if you have heard them before:

  • Yearwood
  • Meaning:
  • Origin: English.
  • Description: Among long surnames variant of last name Yarwood.
  • Spelling And Variations: –
  • Famous People with this name: Barrington Yearwood.
  • Benz
  • Meaning: “brave like a bear”
  • Origin: German.
  • Description: Classy first name and baby name.
  • Spelling And Variations: –
  • Famous People with this name: Mercedes de Acosta.
  • Evert
  • Meaning: “one who posses the strength of a boar”
  • Origin: English.
  • Description: Everitt, though the original Everett is the most common.
  • Spelling And Variations: Everet, Everette, and Everitt.
  • Famous People with this name:
  • Keller
  • Meaning:“spirited woman”
  • Origin: German and Irish.
  • Description: Keller (1874–1956), American sociologist and author.
  • Spelling And Variations: Keller, Kellar, Keeler, Keilor.
  • Famous People with this name: Adam Keller.
  • Olson
  • Meaning: “son of Ole”
  • Origin: Scandinavian.
  • Description: perfect for a soft, petite person.
  • Spelling And Variations: –
  • Famous People with this name: Alix Olson.
  • Laurier
  • Meaning: “bay tree”
  • Origin: French.
  • Description: This is one of the most pretty names out there.
  • Spelling And Variations: Lorier, Loriers, Lorrier.
  • Famous People with this name: Alain Laurier.
  • Rosenberg
  • Meaning: “a mountain of roses”
  • Origin: Jewish.
  • Description:  the perfect name for the good-looking one.
  • Spelling And Variations: Rosenberg, Roseberg, Roesberg, Rozeberg, Rozenberg.
  • Famous People with this name: Carol Rosenberg.
  • Duke
  • Meaning: “leader”
  • Origin: American.
  • Description: Common American baby name and surname.
  • Spelling And Variations: Duke, Dukes, Dook.
  • Famous People with this name: George Duke.
  • Earp
  • Meaning: “one who is dark”
  • Origin: English.
  • Description: Sweet English surname, a nickname for one who is dark.
  • Spelling And Variations: Earp, Irp, Yrp, Epp, Eppe.
  • Famous People with this name: –
  • Alva
  • Meaning: “fair “
  • Origin: Latin.
  • Description: A royal last name that can be used for your characters’ first names as well.
  • Spelling And Variations: Alverton, Alverston, Alveston.
  • Famous People with this name: Alva Belmont.
  • Annesley
  • Meaning: “clearing with a hermitage”
  • Origin: English.
  • Description: This fancy last name is one of the best last names for girls with floral first names such as Rose or Daisy.
  • Spelling And Variations: Annesley, Annesly, Annisley.
  • Famous People with this name: –
  • Bao
  • Meaning: “gem, treasure, precious, rare”.
  • Origin: Chinese
  • Description: This name is one of the most beautiful last names for girls.
  • Spelling And Variations: –
  • Famous People with this name: –
  • Bijou
  • Meaning: “jewels”
  • Origin: French.
  • Description: Among the top French last names for a girl with black hair.
  • Spelling And Variations: –
  • Famous People with this name: Bijou Lilly Phillips.

9. Make Sure The First And Second Name Fit With Each Other.

Last Names For Girls

This happens rarely when the first and second names do not fit and meet each other well. It is, however, something you would not want. When selecting names for your soccer yearbook, ensure they complement each other to create a cohesive and memorable theme.

Check out pretty last names for girls and try to make full names that fit each other nicely:

  • Madden: “Descendant of Madan”
  • Opal: “gem”
  • Katz:”Priest of justice”
  • Estefania: “crown or garland”
  • Flanagan: “muddy”
  • Floris: “flower”
  • Mila: “gracious”
  • Julie: “youthful”
  • Shikoba: “ feather”
  • Rhonda:“noisy one”
  • Catira: “ blonde”
  • Kartini: “ deed or act”
  • Sophia:“wise”
  • Aiday: “moon child”
  • Braulia: “ bright or radiant”
  • Rathnait: “ prosperity or grace”
  • Jocosa: “ merry or playful”
  • Mischief:“naughtiness”
  • Sabela: “ my God is my oath”
  • Dagný: “ new day”
  • Fogarty:“the exiled one”
  • Altagracia: ”high grace”
  • Jett:“fast-paced” and “full of wit”
  • Hermes:“god of travelers “

10. Avoid Names With Too Many yllables.

Baby-names with too many syllables are complex. They are hard to remember. They should be avoided.

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