999+Ideas for Cake Business Innovative Names

Are you looking for ideas to come up with cake business innovative names? We have a list that can help you out with it. An entrepreneur’s first step is to choose the best name for his or her business. If you’re planning to open your little bakery, you need to know. about some of the catchy cake shop names from which you can draw inspiration and come up with yours.

Bakery Shop Name Ideas

When you’re starting your bakery, at the very first you need to know about some of the cute business names for your bakery. You can choose your shop names for there or you can derive inspiration and come up with short and sweet business names.

Hill Berry cakesHilary cakesMist berry cake shopSifted SweetsProof Bakery
TenFold cakesBaked itBlack acre co.FoodCrossMain Street Cupcakes
Baked for youFlour and pastrySweet Cheeks bakingCaffe RovioCityFlora
With love, cupcakesSensiflex cakesSemi cakes bakeryCityMinuteSpace Cakes
A cookie and a cupcakeElon cakesGreens spore cakesWell FrostedCobblers Cakes & Kream
Frozen cakeMarina’s bakeryMotive space cakes and moreFrosting FirstMagnolia Bakery
Liquid temptationsSevilla squareCakes WolseyVertical ThreadDeja Vu Cakes
Delicious QueenBrewBeeDailyZest Cakes & MoreGrowVilla CakesBlueHOuse Cakes & More
PinkDots Cake MakingDaisyCakesCupcake QueenGood LayersYummyDay Cakes
Jake’s CakesMake the CakeFresh Baked CakesOld World ConeThe Cravory
Smart cookieHouse of cakeIndulge goodiesWildOne CakesBreads Bakery
Art of cakesBaker weeSimply desertWayMouthEmbero Cakes
Butter and scotch togetherWeavers cakeMilk jar cookiesThe French GourmetXOXO Cake Pops
Cake alchemyCake me a wishSimply cupcakesUptown Cakes & CafeBakoCrafter
Cake powerCakes for heaven’s sakeThe savory cakingBreezBurp CakesFrame of Cakes
Cupcakes all aroundFlour cakesThe frosted foxArt of CakesThe Yellow Leaf
Sugar and sugar all roundExtraordinary desertYour caked storyRegal CakesWild Cakes & Mores
Tempteva CakesTinyPop CakesMidEast Cakes & MoreSpring TapSugarlips Cupcakes
Cake PowerFrosted Crown CupcakesBlueSky Cakes & CafeGreat Span FrostingSweetpea Baking Co.
Buttercup Cake ShopCherryZingTwo BestAncient SipA Love for Cakes
Cake Business Innovative Names

Tips To Know When Naming A Cake Shop

  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it related to your business
  • Focus on reflecting the objective
cake companies names
cake companies names

Cupcakes Business Names

Confused about what you’re going to name your cupcake shop? We have got the whole list of your cake business names. It has some of the most unique and creative names. From the list we are presenting below you’ll get all the ideas for cake business innovative names.

You can use any name from the list which you find attractive and memorable.

The tier treatDream cakesBread and bakerySteamy Cakes & MoreHotcakes Bakes
Love for cakesPearl bakeryCity bakery houseCake CountryGingersnap Sweets & Such
Firecracker cakesTwisted BakerDeja Vu cakesStrawberry CupcakesFrameFlip Cakes & More
Your guilty pleasureBaked for youCupcakes and jonesBabycakesCake the Great
Cakes and artsCakes sensationEddie bull cupcakesDevil CakesThe Sweet Tooth Cupcake Shop
Magic bakery houseSensational bitesIt’s a piece of cakeUrban GrindGrand North Frosting
Milk jar and cupcakesMagical ovenSugarlips and cakes confectionaryCakefectionsSweet Box Cupcakes
Crumbs bakeshopSprinkles and sweet confectioneryThe cakes for the sweet toothKustom Cakes & moreSweet Dream Cakery
Silvosafe Co.MoodFlip Cakes & moreMayMasti Cake FrostingSaid in SprinklesjackPine Cakes
Holy Cupcakes!Rex Learning CakesCupcake PowerOak Mill BakerySplitz candy
Mood flip cakes and moreSpring tap bakeryRed Robin cakesSweet Corner BakeshopCassex Cakes & Cafe
Cupcakes powerAncient calefactionCome on inGreenCrest Co.The Cakes ery
Cherry zingSaid in sprinklesLondon cake shopNine CakesSlingBerry Cakes & More
Cake and cakingOak mill bakeryRise and rollBluGram CakesAverren Learning
Regal cakesButter cupcake shopHave a cheesecakeMood Lift CakesBregers Cakes
Springfield of cakeslayered with loveWelcome cheesecakesFinlay Cakes & moreDoughStove
TruBit CakesnaturestEastern TastePiece of CakeGoodStix Cakes & Cafe
DayGret CakesGreenSpruce CakesSimplicity CakesNot Just CakesFoodCrest Frosting
Urban East CakesSweet Thang CupcakesBuzzy Cakes & Morejust jack’sCakeTown
Holy GloryBake HollowCrestMind CakesPosito LearningFire and Iced

How To Come Up With A Good Cake Shop Name?

  • You should avoid combining two words to come up with a unique name.
  • Do not describe it rather keep it short.
  • You can use simple foreign words.
cake businesses names
cake businesses names

Homemade Cake Business Ideas

Cake company’s names should be cute and creative to excite and attract customers to try the cakes. A company is perceived and judged by its name, it’s important for all who in the business world to name their shops differently.

Naming your bakery can be hard, so to make it easier we have a list of cakes brands names that you can choose from.

Earth and sugarSweetest thingBloomsburg bakeryCupcake CrazeTwoDude
Baker’s bookCheese and cakeRoyal home bakerynatureField CapHelvenn Cakes
Your cheesecakePolar puffs and cakesRoyal cheesecakeSnowFlakeBluRound Cafe
Cake masterCut the cakeRaigad Sweet and namkeenCreative CakesZitton Learning
Bakery cakeryMy cheesecakeMake it cake itNorthWind CakesCozyDay Cakes
Look a cheesecakeBakers loveQueen cheesecakesDelight CloudSigmex Floral
Creamy layersCheesecake absoluteCake mixerTreston LearningCake Doodle
Bako BoulevardWonderful Wedding CakesThe Cake MakerSweet time cakeHave Your Cake
Cake FaceDesertDustLugossi CakesPurple Daisy CakesJolly Scoop Cakes
GassybackCasaFlip CakesSoulberryCentral PerkOutWood East
Arshan bakeryIriana cupcakesArashi’s bakeryBarking Dog BakeryGiftitude Learning
Azman bakeryTaimur’s bakeryFarsi cupcake cornerJoe Jazz CakesLuster Day Cakes
Rustam’s cake shopLavash bakeryDinaz bakery houseFregdex LearningCookie Encounter
Cupcakes of PersiaFarsi cupcake houseApple pie and cupcakeNorthSip CakesCrescent
The cake venueZoish’s cupcake parlorMediterranean cheesecakeFoodSmithCreamy Creations
Frasi cheesecakeAdrian’s house of cakesCaspian cupcakeLondon Cakes & MoresNatuPick Cakes
The jinni’s bakeryCheese and cake houseSofreh cupcake houseAnytime CakesFlayelle Obe
AlphaClapImpressio CakesnaturenestHot Orbin Cakes & MoreHappyThrive
Tiny delight CoCome on in! Cupcake ShopEnglishberryLiberton CakesTwisted nature
Cakes N ShapesYummy House BakeryLayers of LoveThree Forks CakesGonizz Cakes
cake shop name ideas
sweet names for cake shop
Devista Co.Cupcake GloryDeep Sea Sugar and Saltliperlla CakesTwentyCity
Foodong Cakes & MoreFrubrite CakesCuppies & JoeGodomma Co.Eddie Bull Cupcake Shop
Eater DaisySporeShift CakesYummy JoeButter LaneDreambar co
The Glorious CakeCaked in SweetnessDognoma Learningmark a Cakes & MoreThe Crazy Creams
Big MountainCozy CocoThe Bux CakesBake MamaCelestial Cakes
The Cake ZoneRose Cake Shopjava FreshDailySense FloralSportSnax Cakes
Birthday EverydayCupcake RoyaleMilk BarMaxBelowdefinitive Cakes
The Cake MakerBread BeautyCake StoriesFoodWave Cakes & MoreNatureClap Cakes
Specialty CakesFrosted Crown CupcakesTiers of HappinessSwissSlash CakesThe Bake Shop
The Bleeding Heart BakeryThe Frosted FoxThe Brilliant BakersUptown CakesSweet Celebrationz
Oak Mill BakerySunrise BakeryThe Ugly Cake ShopSweet CakesDessert Lady Bakery
Sweet Sensations PastrySpongy BakesPurple IcingButtercup BakeryElite Cake Shop
Naturally DeliciousCereal Killer SweetsBake AwayGuilty Pleasures Cupcake ShopBird Bakery
Sweet Dream CakeryNaked Cakes & MoresBloom CupcakesMeltEclat CakesBlue Bird Bake Shop
Not Just CakesThe Cupcake QueensDarlings CupcakesClassic BakehouseFlourish Craft Bakery & Cafe
Susie CakesCreamy HeavenImpressioncakesThe Cake Baker’sSugarlips Cupcakes
Pastries So TastyGala BakeryCandyland DesignsPigeon BakeryBakery Cuisine
Sugar Flower Cake ShopPassion BakeryOven Fresh BakeryCake in ActionThe Guilt-Free Bakery
Bluebells CakeryThe Pastry StudioSweet Bites CakesThe Ultimate Cheesecake BakeryVanilla Cupcakery
Roeser’s BakeryNothing Bundt CakesSinful CakesBloom Cake CompanySugarcraft Boutique
Cake Business Innovative Names

What Makes A Good Bakery Business Name?

  • Use proper spelling and grammar.
  • It should be easy to spell.
  • It should be creative and unique.
  • It should be striking and catchy.
Innovative Name Ideas For Cake Shop
Innovative Name Ideas For Cake Shop

Innovative Name Ideas For Cake Shop

For cake businesses, especially for start-ups, it’s important to use or name something which can connect the audience. It can be the hardest part of starting up a business as it kind of decides how well it’s going to perform in the business world.

But it gets easier as over here, you’ll find the list of cake business names that can get you Ideas for Cake Business Innovative Names. You can check the list below to find the best cake brands names that you can use.

Ambrosia bakeryCake factoryBack to Eden bakingFunnista CakesCappaCaleCakes
Charm City bakeryGoddess and bakerUrban icing bakeryFlefty CakesAdornArts Cake Frosting
Red ribbon bakeshopCustom cupcakesSea of cupcakesUnicorn CakesSnowDeer Cakes
Ruby bakeryLet them eat cakesYummy house bakeryThe Cake ZoneGreyGoddess Cakes & more
Cake day WednesdayMake my cakeThe yellow leafRedRobin CafeCrazyFrank Cakes & More
Vanilla bakeshopPastries so tastySweetcakes parlorRise & RollCakesteMing
Sweet revenge bakeryNine cakesHoly cupcakesWhiteFlag FrostingWillowWay Cakes
DrizzleberryCubes Baking Co.NutriMiller CakesBake Den CakesFoodoFly Frosting
magicbarBurberry BlastFunFoodsFreshCatch CakesBakoFab Cake Frosting
Mooseland TreatNorthCuisineNaked Cakes & MoresThe Cupcake ConnectionHappyHut Cakes
Sugar Flower Cake ShopTempteva EatThe Cake Co.Crummiest DreamNorthHex Co.
Dream Day CakesCake AlchemyFlabbo CakesWetRoot CakesNimbus Cakes
Batter UpBakoClapMoonMistSweet LadyConfection Cakes
Street EssenceCake and ArtThe Great RollingArventt CakesSerenozz Cakes
OpenBrookFoodooStreetHeavenly taste cakeClaraClapMagic flour cake
Prosonn FloralCrazyFiber LearningScrumpy DunCharm City CakesFoodMIng Cakes
Taggl Cakesmemory SeasonBakoFiestaUrbanBiteVibe Sip Cakes
Mighty loftAngel CakesRipple CakesWideSpread CakesSprinkles Bakery
BlissBrite Cakes & CafeCupcake CafeEasterly Cakes & CafeGoodDreamGigi’s Cupcakes
Virgin SurpriseSweet Revenge BakeryOceanGrettWhole Awe Cakes & MoreButtercream Dreams
catchy cake shop names
cupcake shop name
Cake ColonelThe Rolling PinNaturally DeliciousI Dream of CakeThe Cube Parlour
Bake DestinyTreboSmith CakesFrost Me GourmetJane Cakes & MoreLayered in Love
Tour De SporeSegment PieNature SputnikCake DreamsCraze king Cakes
Cakes YoungCassa BlanchaFunFlex CakesThe Sweet SideMushMist
Chocolaty cakeUrbanBelloThe Fluffy BunsCustom CrellTagaytay
Sweet TeethForestaFun CakesBeefyCakesVibrantMinchCool Cakes
CrispyTrailsUrban IcingJadeSpaceDayWishGoodBliss Floral
SweetFrost CakesFresco Fill FrostingWhiteSmithSweet Mandy B’sDesirable Cake
RealLovingTemptressoLOve Orbin CakesSprinkled with SweetnessThe Sweet Life Bakeshop
CandyMandyPoppins BiteTopCrownBakeDigMayMade Cakes & Cafe
The Sweet Fix BakeryAtlas brew CakesFrankencakeWhole delicacyUppex Learning
Cake O’ClockCakes ElementsFunkist CakesDellasyGifting Curves
Straccoll CakesVibrant CakesCakes of FunDream SpoonMinima Cakes
Spumoni ConeCakeCraftyAlliance Bakery & CafeBlueLucy Cakes & CafeMeltEclat
Crazy CupcakesAmazing CakesSuneza ConeNorthern LucyPhress Aroma
MOjo House CakesTips from KateButtersweet CupcakesThe Protein BakeryMinchMuffins
Sugar & Spice Cupcake ShopSea of CupcakesFantastic CakesDelicious BakeryRossella Cakes & more
Boxberry LOftFearless Frostersjoss CakesCakes to BakeStreet Days
Cakes MineCeleBAKEtionExtraordinary DessertsThe Cake FairyWilly Ever Cakes
NatureSureSeason hook CakesThe Elegant TruffleAngel Food BakerySeenGreet

What are Some Fancy Words You Can Use to Name Your Shop?

  • Confectionery
  • Bakeshop
  • Pastry shop

Cheesecakes Business Naming Ideas

cake and pastry shop names
best name for cake shop

Starting up a cheesecake business needs you to choose a perfect name for it. It should reflect the trustworthiness of your company. Your company name is what lets you get connected with your potential customers and gain more attention in the market.

Below you’ll see a list presented to you which has some of the short and sweet business names which is what you need for your business to grow.

FunCurvesPerfect CakesSpadene LearningFunWaveySoft Stella
Cupcake BakeoffThe Seduction shopRaspberries n’ CremeVanilla Bake ShopArpells Learning
UpperCozy CakesBakotaleThe Hook CakesBake n’ FlakeCakes Feather
Elysia Root CakesCake It OnCylesta CakesThe Real Cake BakerHillberry Cakes
Encoren FloralLovely LayersThe Cake FactoryDelightCrowdElpron Cakes
The Cakes JunctionEpic Wonder Cake FrostingStarMore Cakes & CafeMayMashroomFluenze
CandelBerryBrown Sugar BakeryChocoCakesFoodFestivaHopestone Cakes
Candlelit CakesMosson FloralCakeologyGrandma’s KitchenMarinMynx
BakoRelicsMemorellaAwake brewFresh FlipCakes Bellisreo
MosstueCrazy DreamsPearl BakeryNaturefest CakesSemi Eater Cakes & More
Brekky Cakes & MoreFlour Power CakerySinfull CakesSweetCakesTenFold Cakes
UrbenAble LearningKustom KupcakesYOurChoiceDreamon CakesBake for Me
Sunville Cake MakingMaddinMax Cakes & moreZest iromaStream StreetSensiflex Cakes
Seltronn FloralDream CakesRed AromaCakes DimensionNeonLeaf
Red Velvet BakeryZeppoli CakemarvellalayerMade Cake MakingLiquid Temptations
OneQuestMade in Heaven CakesAha MomentsTidbits FrostingTrevia Square
Darla’s Dreamy CupcakesDangy DistBakobrellaMarleCoastFronzenn Cakes
Sensational BitesSunMoss Cake MakingCrafty CakesGreen GoodiesA Cookie and a Cupcake
ResistScoop Cake MakingBlueBriss ConeFuntail CakesGeoCrunch CakesFlour Cake and Pastry
CrazyBerrySweet YoungThe Cake GalleryLocossi CakesCake Fabulous
Cake Business Innovative Names

How Can A Good Bakery Name Help?

  • It helps to connect with the audience.
  • Reflects the values.
  • It says a lot about the business.
  • People remember your company when its name it’s striking.
cake bakery names
cake bakery name ideas

Parsi Bakery Name Ideas

If you’re looking for Parsi bakery name ideas, you’ll find a list we have made you for right below. It has some of the best Parsi bakery names that are attractive enough to divert customers’ attention to your bakery.

Here’s a list of Parsi cake shop business names.

First Cakessh FrostingThe Twisted BakerMake My CakeMighty fine cakeMaple Cakes
Cupcake RoyalePampered TasteNaturelleCakesUpDegree FrostingLoveletter Cakeshop
Caked and BakedMilk Jar CookiesDelicious Creations CupcakesJava Zest CakesBlackhex Cakes
Bake for Me.DrippinDutsExperiya Cakes & MoreGoodTrailGroundUp Cakes & More
BakeWoodSureScapeCrumbs Bake ShopCupcake Addictsjust Bloom
Firstly CakesSweet Sensations PastryCustom Crell Cakes & MoreBorn SweetRustic span
BakeologySugar RushAbsolute PiesDrunkin DawnUrbanTasty Frosting
Baker WeeHoney Crumb Cake StudioMorning MozoAlphamateBrown Crunch
A’s Exquisite CakesReal DiasySweet SensationFirst happyRoomberry Cakes
Awake AquaFor Heaven’s Cakes!FreshMiss CakesIcing on TopPronto Fronto
Roeser’s BakeryHomeland BakerySmokey HoneyEagerVelvet Cake FrostingUpwave
Luscious Layers BakeryGrowSpaceBetterBake cafePastries So TastySlingberry Cakes
Cake Monkey BakeryJoyJoss CakesMarsChino Cake FrostingSimply DessertsMolly’s Cupcakes
The BreadlineZompei Co.FoodButton CakesCupcake CreationsLet Them Eat Cake
Sensational Cakes and MoreYo Yo Good CakesBig City CakesRossella Cake MakingUrban Arabica
BlueBay CakeshappyWishGoldFox CakesForemost TasteDrippity Cakes
Bake FeverThe CakesmithGood MeasureCake MakersCandle Cakes
GreenSporeFoodCave FrostingOut of the Box CakesRegal CakePipingPass Cakes
MotiveSpace Cakes & MoreEgoEast CakesCake HeavenPink ElcleticEliteCrew
Cakes WelsayColosso Cakes & moreA Cake OccasionDIngDong Cakes & MoreGreat happy Cakes
cookie shop names
best name for cake business
New Cake WorldCookie CabThe Frosted ChickBlack Velvet BakeryLadyCakes Bakery
Sugar FlourHoney Bees CakesCake SocietyButter StudioFloss Cakery
Cake AffectionJust PuddingsPlantyful SweetsBakers DelightHappy Oven
Wedding and Birthday CakesDelish CupcakesGenuine CakesA-One CakesFluff Bakery
Fusion Hot CakesCastle Of Cakes And Ice-CreamIsland CreameryStreet BakersJust Homemade Cakes
Cakes TodayCorner BakeryStylishly SweetCake of the dayPetal Cupcakes
Pumpkins to PearlsBee SweetWonders BakeryCake TreatInstant Donuts
The Cake FarmsSugar Blossom Bake ShopSweet ImpressionsPastry HouseDuke Bakery
Twelve CupcakesThe cake creationCreative KitchenKool Cakes BakeryThe Fabulous Baker
The Gateau HouseOlivia Cake ShopSweet Little VintageCharm City CakesLittle French Pastry Cafe
Papermill CakesCelebration cake shopBreadTalk ParagonUnique Cupcake BoutiqueWholesome Eating
Creative BakerySponge and CreamSweet Bliss BakingIceland FoodsGiftiess Cake Shop
Rare Affaire’ CakesRose Specialty FoodsTotally CakedOccasions CakeshopChocolate Origin
Dozen Cakes & BakesThe Cake AvenueCreamy Dreamy Cake shopRose BakeryParadise Cake Shop
The Gunter BakeryI Like CupcakesCakes & BakesNaturally DeliciousLucy’s Cake Shop
Pastry Is ArtSweet Dreams BakerySteffyCakesCake BoyChoice Bakery
Bake N NutsSweet Bakery & CakeryCakes Come TrueCute Cakes BakeryFireman Bakery
The Old BakeryPavlova PrincessGateau Cake ShopThe Cheesecake ShopThe Baking Girl
Buttercream BakeryBirds Beautiful BakesCupcake SweetiesShipley Do-NutsAlice Cake House
Tasty TreatsCake DelightCupcakes TodaySecret RecipeLovely Cake Design
Cake Business Innovative Names

Cute Business Names for Cake Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur browsing for cake pop business names for your startup?

cute name for cake shop
cute names for cake business

It’s hard to find cute business names to make your brand stand different from others.

Here’s a list for you that can help you find the right name for your cake business.

The DreamingFresco GrooveOrangebit CakesHot Rock CakesHenryQuest Cakes & More
Plentiful PastriesLittle Pie CompanyCake FantasyDayBreak CakesGoodGlaze
Butter Cake ShoppeMegamaven Co.FirstFront Cakes & CafeHey Sugar CupcakesFragaBerry
Tip-of-your-Tongue CupcakesThe Cupcake CravingFelacia Cakes & moreBlue VampireTrott Cakes
MIdTown FrostingMood TwistyMolly’s CupcakesAlpheno CakesLovinCoast Cake Frosting
BlackAce Co.Commander CakesIt’s a Piece a CakeUndive CakesUrbanAero Cakes
MistberryBake Me a WishLos Gatos CakesBakoPillersButterfly Bakeshop
Sweet Cheeks BakingOeniss CakesThe Bleeding Heart BakeryFirstDelightCountySpot Cakes
Sweet E’s Bake ShopUpperCrestGrandNorth CakesChoco-choco cakeRusty Hues Cakes
Baked it.TagWeave Co.Better loftFluokistNatureTrio
NatuerBytsUpThread LearningCOntinental EateryRuby BakeryUpperCrust
Leffis Co.Quick KaffeMargonna Cake MakingThe Waffle CakesMayLizz Cakes
For Goodness CakeDelibite CakesThe Crazy Cupcake LadyBrownWavesColossal Cupcakes
Polka DotsBakeHuntThe Cupcake CrazeCakes CultureTreebon Cakes
Leafkiss CakesShake and CakeJavaYum PlaceCakeberryIndulge Cupcakes
Joyously Cake FrostingMoonFlirtCakesStaticBerry Cake FrostingWisemax Co.We Take the Cake
The Daily GrindCravinCafeCupcake ZoneFondell Cakes & CafeGrisssom Twist
Tender Delightthe DelicacyPerfect PoundcakeA Piece of Cake BakeryFrezzing Frey
Cake ProsArrowAve huntCakes of ParadiseUrban Freshhappy Endings
Everlyn LearningCakes Lyftthe Cake WalkersLittleBest CakesBrickel
Cake Business Innovative Names

Frequently asked questions: FAQs

1.Which is the largest bakery name in India?

7th Heaven is the largest bakery in India.

2.What are the five most famous cake shop names in India?

short and sweet business names
short and sweet business names
  • Nahoum and Sons confectionery
  • Merwans Cake Shop
  • Defence Bakery
  • Kookie jar
  • Wenger’s Deli

3.Can a vulgar cake shop name land me into legal trouble?

The state and federal laws prohibit the usage of legally or morally vulgar and offensive terms when naming a company or business. It not only negatively affects the business but can get the owner in legal trouble.

4.What is the name of the oldest bakery in the world?

Warrens Bakery is the oldest bakery in the world.


When starting any business be it a cake shop or cookie, you need to be creative when coming up with or deciding a name for it. As in the business world, it is important to have a good first impression and only a perfect name can make your company or brand look the best.

Even people judge a company or shop by its name. So it’s very much needed to know about the best ideas for cake business innovative names.

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