These videos from Mexico City’s earthquake are absolutely devastating

A massive earthquake hit Mexico City on Tuesday afternoon, causing buildings to collapse as well as widespread damage throughout the region.

The earthquake registered a magnitude of 7.1 when it shook the city at around 2:15pm, according to the United States Geological Survey. The quake’s epicenter was around 75 miles southeast of the Mexican capital in the state of Puebla.

In Mexico City, at least five deaths were reported, alongside at least two in Puebla and at least 42 deaths in Morelos state with fires raging afterward and some citizens trapped in collapsed structures.

The earthquake on Tuesday hit at a depth of only 33 miles (51km), which is considered a “shallow quake,” experts said, and came 32 years to the day after an 8.0-magnitude quake killed almost 10,000 people in Mexico City in 1985. Last week, an earthquake on the southern coast of Mexico killed at least 61 people. Officials had been holding readiness drills in commemoration of the 1985 quake earlier in the day.

Officials reported severe damage to buildings in and around Mexico City, as area schools and the airport were closed in response. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto ordered hospitals damaged by the quake to be evacuated, with patients being sent to facilities in unaffected areas.

Drone footage captured some of the damaged cityscape in the immediate aftermath of the quake. Citizens can be seen emerging from the rooftop rubble of a nearly flattened building.

Social media users confirmed the widespread damage in the city with video and photos taken during and after the earthquake of collapsing buildings. Take a look below: