France’s President Responds to Trump’s Climate Change Denialism with an Epic Idea

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced he will award grants to American climate scientists so that they can continue their research in France throughout the rest of President Donald Trump’s term.

Borrowing from the Trump campaign’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, the French program will make around $70 million available via “Make Our Planet Great Again” grants, which will be given to around 50 climate-related research projects, according to ABC News.

Initially only open to U.S. scientists, the grants are also available to other non-French scientists, provided they are working on climate issues, have completed a thesis and have a project that would run for three to five years.

Macron first announced the program in June — after Trump said he would withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord, which aims to coordinate global efforts to reduce polluting emissions — and the first round of recipients are being announced on Monday. Trump had shocked the world when he wanted out of the agreement that has near-global participation over concerns related to American economic benefit.

The announcement comes a day ahead of the One Planet Summit in Paris on Tuesday, during which governments and businesses will discuss funding needed to reach the goals of the Paris agreement. The summit is being co-hosted by the U.N. and the World Bank. Trump, notably, was not invited to the summit.

Macron has frequently criticized Trump for his foreign policy initiatives, including scrapping the Iran nuclear deal and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.