Latest Alabama Poll Shows Roy Moore’s Support in Free Fall

The Washington Post story revealing Alabama Republican Roy Moore’s past sexual misconduct appears to have had a devastating effect on his poll numbers.

Moore and Democratic nominee Doug Jones are vying to represent Alabama in the Senate. The special election, set for December 12, was called after Jeff Sessions became the U.S. Attorney General and Luther Strange — the Trump-supported candidate appointed to finish Sessions’ term — was defeated in the Republican primary by Moore.

Until recently, polls showed Moore convincingly ahead of Jones in deep-red Alabama. But with the Post detailing how Moore — a theocratic Christian conservative judge — initiated inappropriate sexual contact with underage girls when he was in his early 30’s, those voters are reversing course.

Now, it’s Jones who appears to hold a lead in the polls.

A recent JMC Analytics poll shows Jones with a 4 percent lead over Moore this week, days after the Post story broke — with 9 percent of respondents undecided. The margin of error, however, is around 4 percent, meaning the lead is closer to a dead heat.

Other polls conducted after the story broke — including one done for a conservative media outlet — show Moore still ahead, but within the margin of error or with more undecided voters.

Still, these new numbers are staggering, considering Moore held a comfortable double-digit lead in the polls over Jones days before the Post published its damning report.

Equally concerning is a JMC Analytics poll revealing that nearly 40 percent of Alabama evangelicals are now more inclined to support Moore in the election following the Washington Post story. Only 28 percent of those polled said they were less likely to support Moore now.

Moore was a controversial candidate even before his past sexual misconduct was revealed. His controversial interpretations of the Bible — which he used in court as an Alabama judge — and his refusal to obey a federal order to remove a statue of the ten commandments led to his removal from the bench.