Trumpsters Are Making Fake Facebook Pages of the Texas Shooter Claiming He’s Antifa

As word spread that the person responsible for the mass shooting at a church in South Texas had been identified on Sunday night, right wingers on social media and Alt-Right publications quickly began manipulating images and creating fake profiles in order to fit the attack into their worldview.

They did this namely by repeatedly painting the shooter, 26-year old Devin Kelley, as linked with Antifa, Democrats, Muslims and anything they don’t like before facts were released. It’s still not entirely clear who Kelley was or what his motives were in killing at least 26 parishioners at the First Baptist Church in Southerland Springs, TX — and his actions should be condemned as evil and inexcusable regardless — but the right-wing fake news machine kicked into high gear moments after the news broke.

This deluge of fake news came as people were scouring social media for updates on a developing story. And as Buzzfeed noted, many of the hoaxes the trolls peddled were the same ones in circulation following the Las Vegas shooting in October.

For instance, right-wing trolls stitched an image of an Antifa flag into a collage of images believed to be from Kelley’s now-deleted Facebook page.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones jumped into the fray, claiming leftists were celebrating the attack and Kelley’s choice to dress in all black meant he was a leftist.

Mike Cernovich, a popular right-wing troll who has tried to reinvent himself as a journalist, posted that Kelley’s appearance fit the Antifa “profile.”

“Photos of Texas shooter is consistent with profile of Antifa member,” Cernovich tweeted. “This is looking more and more like Antifa terror.”

Others of Cernovich’s ilk are convinced the tragedy was part of some vast conspiracy linking the Las Vegas shooter, false flags and the “deep state.” Many believed that this was all part of a planned “Antifa Civil War,” in which Trump supporters would be killed — an idea cooked up by far-right conspiracy theorists after the group Refuse Fascism called for a day of nationwide, nonviolent protests against the Trump administration on November 4.

Much of the fake information seems to have disseminated from the website 4chan, which is a hotbed of far-right activity.

Below are some more examples of the right spreading dangerously false reports and fake accounts (even using images from people with the same name as the shooter who happen to be from Texas). Note how many posts come from profiles with handles mentioning Trump, MAGA, anti-leftism or an American flag.

Beeause caring about children, the environment, health and human rights are partisan ideas?