Trumpsters caught on video threatening to burn down California bookstore

Trump supporters in Berkeley, CA were filmed harrassing and threatening workers at a left-wing bookstore over the weekend.

The group of Trump supporters sporting MAGA hats and other Alt-Right signifiers had reportedly been targeting Berkeley-based Revolution Books for months. This time, employees caught one of the Trump supporters on camera saying, “we’re going to burn down your bookstore.”

The video begins with one Trump supporter asking if the employees thought she was “racist because I support our president,” and after the staffer replied, “Yes, basically. Yes,” they begin to berate the staff.

The Trump supporters begin to hurl insults like “judgmental pieces of shit,” and “commie scum.”

When the bookstore staffer asks the Trump supporters to leave, one man replies, “This is America. Fuck you.”

The same man is also heard on the video saying, “Trump is going to get rid of all you pieces of shit.”

Watch the exchange below:

Revolution Books issued a statement in response to the incident, explaining that the Trump supporters came to the bookstore on the anniversary of a pro-Trump rally that drew scores of neo-Nazis and turned violent last year in Berkeley. At that time, Alt-Right figure Milo Yiannopolis had been set to speak at UC Berkeley.

“Threats like these must be taken seriously – this is not normal and must not be tolerated — and we call on people to condemn these attempts to shut down our store as a part of their efforts to shut down critical thinking and radical ideas throughout society,” the statement read. “We call on everyone to stand with and defend this important bookstore.”

The bookstore employees told local media that this was the 10th time the Trump supporters became aggressive at the store, but that this was the first time they had threatened violence. The employees said the police were notified of the incident but no arrests were made.