Trump voter realizes he made a bad decision: ‘something wrong with this guy’

CNN held another “Pulse of the People” panel of Trump voters on Friday who gave their assessment of President Donald Trump so far — and one man, fed up with Trump’s lies on day one, said he’d had enough.

The Trump supporters largely downplayed the potential for a landslide victory for Democrats in the 2018 midterms.

But one man who voted for Trump expressed his regret to CNN Host Alisyn Camerota for making that decision the very day after Trump’s inauguration, noting how

Trump voter Mike Brindock said he was unsettled by Trump’s speech before the CIA, during which he bragged about the size of the crowd that attended his inauguration — which despite the Trump administration’s constant denials, paled in comparison to the crowds during Barack Obama’s inauguration. Trump also denied that it rained during his inauguration, even though rain was clearly visible.

During that same speech, Trump also claimed he was the record holder for most appearances on the cover of Time Magazine, which is a lie.

The spectacle was too much for Brindock, who said that the man he voted for “alienates people” with his bullying rhetoric and constantly says “stupid remarks” in public — about Americans and longtime allies of the country.

“Well after hearing about him talking, the way he was going on at the CIA, and he just began turning me off then and there,” Brindock said. “Yeah, I began to regret it. There was something wrong with this guy, I think. He lies so much, I can’t stand him anymore.”

And Brindock didn’t just direct his ire towards Trump — he said he felt that he couldn’t trust the Republicans “period.” Brindock said Republicans were the type to “shake your hand and stab you in the back at the same.”