A Trump sympathizer just leaked a racist attack against Mueller’s grand jury

A Trump-sympathizer who appeared as a witness before Robert Mueller’s grand jury just anonymously leaked a racist accusation that the president could not get a fair trial from the jury because many of the jurors are not white, according to PageSix.

“The grand jury room looks like a Bernie Sanders rally,” PageSix’s source complained. “Maybe they found these jurors in central casting, or at a Black Lives Matter rally in Berkeley.”

The source fretted that eleven of the twenty jurors are African-Americans and two of them were wearing “peace T-shirts.”

“There was only one white male in the room, and he was a prosecutor,” the witness said.

The article’s author, Richard Johnson, has connections with Trump that go back for years. He once served as a judge on the Miss America pageant back when Trump owned it.

“That room isn’t a room where POTUS gets a fair shake,” Johnson’s source said.

Trump supporters have recently taken to questioning the validity of Mueller’s investigation. Trump himself has called the FBI’s investigation into his presidential campaign a “witch hunt.”