Trump Praises Notorious White Supremacist During Tax Speech

President Donald Trump attempted to speak about his recently-unveiled tax policy during a public speech in Pennsylvania Wednesday evening, but veered way off-topic and ended up praising right-wing extremist Jeffrey Lord.

Trump did his usual bit of namedropping — this time mentioning how New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft supports his tax plan and only wants to benefit the middle class — and self-praise, calling the Democrats obstructionists and telling the crowd the border wall would be built. But spotting the former CNN commentator and Pennsylvania resident Lord in the audience, Trump confirmed his support for the white supremacist.

Lord was fired this year from CNN for mockingly tweeting the Nazi salute “Sieg Heil” at Angelo Carusone, who heads media watchdog group Media Matters for America.

At the time of Lord’s firing in August, Trump declared his support for “poor Jeffrey” Lord.

Trump naturally acknowledged him as “one of my few sources of truth” on CNN, which he referred to as a “fake news” network.

A staunch Trump defender and former Reagan administration official, Lord once tried to claim Trump was the “Martin Luther King, Jr.” of healthcare on CNN, causing host Don Lemon to abruptly end the panel discussion.

Lord famously blamed Black Lives Matter for white supremacy, saying they provoked racists.

“Everybody gave a pass to other groups talking about their racial identity, and this was the be-all and end-all,” he said at the time. “And now suddenly up pops a group of white people. This is exactly what happens. The left sort of provoked this. This is a really disgusting thing.”

Similarly, Lord echoed Trump’s sentiments that the judge overseeing the lawsuits against Trump University, Gonzalo Curiel, was racist because he belonged to a professional association of Latino attorneys.

Lord also said Ariana Grande, a musical artist of color, was partly responsible for the terror attack during her concert in Manchester, UK.

All told, Lord has been pretty upfront with his racism and white supremacist views.

And Trump apparently loves him for it.