Trump Praised Putin For ‘Firing’ Diplomats. Obama’s Former Ambassador Responds Perfectly.

President Donald Trump’s gratitude toward Russian President Vladimir Putin for expelling 755 diplomats and their staff was criticized by a former ambassador to Russia earlier this week.

Michael McFaul, a university professor and former ambassador to Russia under President Barack Obama, responded to Trump on Twitter. It was apparent that he was very unhappy with Trump’s take on these diplomats losing their positions.

McFaul was not comfortable with Trump’s statement, telling the president that it made absolutely no sense to be happy with this outcome.

McFaul launched into a storm of tweets to try and explain how diplomacy worked overseas, including why it might be in the country’s best interests to have a large diplomatic presence in Russia.

McFaul also explained that reductions in diplomatic staff in Moscow would undoubtedly lead to knowing less about Russia’s intentions, including their military aspirations.

Finally, McFaul ended his tweets by pointing out who lost the most from this move from Putin: Americans themselves, especially those working to improve relations between the two nations.

President Trump was “dissing Americans” and praising Putin’s decision to expel them when he gave his explanation, McFaul contended.

Russia President Vladimir Putin expelled 755 Americans from their diplomatic posts following Trump signing into law a bill that would impose economic sanctions on the Kremlin. Trump, who was hesitant to sign the bill, included two signing statements deriding it and the consequences it would bring, suggesting that he himself could have negotiated a better deal between the two nations because he was a businessman.

“I built a truly great company worth many billions of dollars,” Trump wrote in his statement. “As President, I can make far better deals with foreign countries than Congress.”

The sanctions were approved by Congress with a veto-proof majority, and were passed in response to alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election on the part of Russia.

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