Trump Just Made One Last Insulting Tweet After Firing Scaramucci

It has been a costly few days for Anthony Scaramucci.

His wife filed for Deidre Ball filed for divorce, citing his “naked political ambition” for an administration she wasn’t enthusiastic about. He was fired from his job as White House Communications Director just days after his appointment (and before his official start date).

But Donald Trump had one more jab left for one of his most loyal supporters Monday afternoon.

Just hours after Trump told Scaramucci he was fired, he tweeted out, “A great day at the White House!” as if he hadn’t given the boot to the man who sold his company and put his marriage on the line to serve in the administration. Scaramucci had even missed the birth of his son to be with Trump during the Boy Scouts of America’s National Scout Jamboree last week.

Trump was even cordial towards Spicer — who Trump did not appear to be on the best of terms with — after his firing, blaming the “fake news” and calling him a “wonderful person.”

The callousness of this last tweet, after Trump had earlier denied anything was wrong, was not lost on Trump’s social media followers, particularly Vice Journalist Jules Suzdaltzev. The move drew comparisons to the mafia and Stalinist Soviet Union, but many simply couldn’t believe how insensitive Trump was to the move.

Others simply laughed at the notion that Trump quickly shed yet another member of his administration he had once highly touted. In under a week, Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus and Scaramucci were all ousted. Scaramucci himself seemed to take after his boss, or at least wanted to, as he pushed a staffer, Mike Short, to resign earlier as well.

For many, it was just like watching another season of that reality TV show Trump starred in.