Trump just insulted a career intelligence official with a deeply racist slur

President Trump once suggested that a US career intelligence analyst should be leading negotiations with North Korea entirely because she looked Korean, NBC News revealed on Friday.

Trump was meeting with the analyst during a briefing, after which he asked her where she was from.

“New York,” she replied. Trump was unsatisfied with this answer, and pressed to find out where her “people” are from.

When she replied that her parents were from South Korea, Trump asked an adviser why the “pretty Korean lady” wasn’t in charge of negotiating with the North Korean government on behalf of the United States.

This breaking story comes as Trump is already reeling from public outrage over his recent branding of Haiti, El Salvadore, and other African nations as “shithole countries” in a meeting with lawmakers.

Trump has been synonymous with racism for many Americans since the beginning of his presidential campaign, when he said that Mexican immigrants are predominately “rapists” and “murderers.” He first entered the modern political arena by demanding President Obama produce his birth certificate as proof he was born in the United States, and his stream of racist policies and remarks regularly make headlines.