Trump Just Humiliated Himself At Pearl Harbor Event

President Donald Trump seems to be struggling to commemorate the 76th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Trump’s latest blunder came as he invited veterans to the White House as he signed the National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day proclamation.

First, he misquoted President Franklin D. Roosevelt when sending a tweet about the “date which will live in infamy.”

And then, during remarks at the White House, while surrounded by veterans of that December 7, 1941, Trump made a fairly flippant comment while describing the historic surprise attack by the Japanese that resulted in around 2,400 casualties and sparked American involvement in World War II.

“That was a pretty wild scene. You’ll never forget that, right?” Trump said to a veteran in his 90’s who on stage with him.  The veterans took it in stride.

Watch a clip from the exchange below:

Despite claiming to be a champion for veterans, Trump has repeatedly made troubling comments to members of the “Greatest Generation” who fought in World War II. Trump’s Thursday comments come just weeks after he used a racial slur to attack one of his political critics during a ceremony honoring Navajo veterans who served as code talkers in the Marines.

Trump’s Department of Veteran Affairs also just announced they would no longer be cutting a program that provides aid to homeless veterans after massive public outcry this week. Trump’s VA Secretary had been slated to cut $465 million from the successful program, effectively ending it, until veterans advocates, officials and the public voiced their support for the program.