Donald Trump Jr. Just Blamed Obama For the FCC’s Net Neutrality Vote And It’s Absolutely Ignorant

Little Donny Trump Jr. took to Twitter Thursday to ridicule those who opposed the FCC vote to repeal net neutrality and tried to place the blame on former president Barack Obama.

However, the fact is that President Donald Trump appointed Pai as the 34th FCC commissioner in 2017, much to the great dismay of open internet advocates.

While it is fair to say that some Democrats appointed to the FCC did support the removal of net neutrality, no measures were taken during Obama’s term as president. Additionally, the FCC has a tradition of granting the minority party two commissioners, since the majority party can only legally hold three seats. In the spirit of bipartisanship, Obama stuck with the tradition and upon Republican Mitch McConnell’s request, Pai was recommended to the Senate.

In response to Don Junior’s condescending tweet, outraged social media users hammered the president’s snarky son.