Trump: I’ll ‘get killed’ on my taxes if Congress doesn’t repeal the estate tax

President Trump just called 12 Senate Democrats from Korea, hoping to sway them to get behind the Republican tax cut bill by claiming that he would “get killed” financially by the bill.


“My accountant called me and said ‘you’re going to get killed in this bill,'” Trump said, evidently hoping to demonstrate that wealthy taxpayers like himself would not benefit. These particular Democrats were likely targeted because many of them are from states that Trump won in 2016.


Trump’s claims are in conflict with nearly every distributional analysis of the bill. The Joint Committee on Taxation released just today that people making over $1 million would enjoy an average tax cut of $41,557 in 2019.¬†Even Republican leadership have admitted that the tax cut will help the wealthy, though they also claim that it will help Americans at every income level (a claim which many analyses have disputed).