Sean Hannity Just Called out NBC News in the Dumbest Tweet You’ve Ever Seen

Fox News host Sean Hannity took up President Donald Trump’s “fake news” refrain, describing NBC news as “conspiracy TV” for not covering issues he thinks are important.

Yet Hannity cited an NBC News story in that same tweet.

“Hey fake news @CNN and conspiracy tv @NBCNews read and learn,” Hannity tweeted on Thursday to his 3.18 million followers.

Hannity, who has been upset with media coverage of the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s involvement in Russian meddling during the 2016 election, was insinuating that neither network is appropriately covering a perceived scandal involving the Uranium One deal during the Obama administration.

But in telling NBC to “read and learn,” Hannity cited an NBC report called “Prosecutors ask FBI agents for info on Uranium One deal.” The article details how Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department have asked the FBI to look into a controversial — though not yet deemed illegal — uranium deal that appears to be linked to the Clintons.

In a later tweet, Hannity posted a screenshot of MSNBC’s reporting on a news article on the deal that was originally published by The Hill.

“So @seanhannity correct AGAIN and @CNN and @NBCNews wrong again,” Hannity tweeted in third person.

Of course, Hannity’s gaffe — which came days after Donald Trump Jr.’s uncannily similar fail — caught the attention of many on Twitter, including those who work for NBC.