Roy Moore voter: Parents should be ‘thrilled’ he was hitting on their daughters

Supporters of Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore have taken some interesting approaches in defending him from numerous allegations of past sexual misconduct against teenage girls.

Many have simply denied that these accusations could be true. Others, including a state official, have invoked the Bible — though not quite correctly — to say that a two-decade or more age gap is potentially holy.

And then there’s this Alabama gentleman who took part in a voter panel interviewed by Vice News Tonight. His justification for Moore’s behavior?

That was just normal for Alabama.

“If Roy Moore was guilty, forty years ago in Alabama, there’s a lot of mamas and daddies that’d be thrilled that their 14-year-old was getting hit on by a district attorney,” he said. A woman who was also part of the panel nodded and said “yeah” in agreement.

“I mean that is true though,” one voice can be heard saying as other people in the panel started to voice their disagreement with the outlandish sentiment.

The man noted that Alabama 40 years ago “was a different world.” He said his grandmother had been married at age 13 and had two children and was working a job by age 15.

This isn’t the first time someone has said that 14 years of age was not by any means too young in Alabama society 40 years ago.

“Dating somebody who was much younger may be something that we find repugnant but 40 years ago in Alabama it may not have been that unusual,” a guest on Fox’s Cavuto said.

But she didn’t stop there.

“And the fact that that had not surfaced previously is what I think is leading Alabamans to conclude that this is politically motivated,” the guest said.