Roy Moore: Kids commit drive-by shootings because they are taught evolution (WATCH)

Roy Moore believes that “kids” commit drive-by shootings because of the theory of evolution.

In a 1997 video, Moore can be seen mocking scientists and evolution with a bizarre joke involving a frog that is supposed to somehow prove that evolution is fake.

A video of Moore’s comments can be seen below:

A transcript of Moore’s comments:

“Scientists who study evolution study some of the oddest things, don’t they? But they can’t explain how mammals, reptiles, birds all evolved into male and female. They tell us we evolved from something that crawled out of the water, but they have no evidence of that. You know it reminds me of a story I heard of a scientist who had a frog, so he was gonna figure out how far it would jump, so he hollered at it. ‘Boo!’ and the frog jumped a good ways. He got the frog back and he taped up one of its legs and put it down and said ‘Boo!’ The frog jumped but not quite as far. So he taped the other leg up. And again the frog jumped after he hollered at it, and he said why don’t I tape up one of the back legs and still the frog jumped. So he taped all four legs up, and he put that frog down on the platform and he yelled ‘Boo!’ Well guess what, the frog didn’t move. So he hollered again, louder, but the frog didn’t move. So finally he writes down on his notes ‘Tape up all four legs of frog and it goes deaf.'”

At this point, the Alabama church burst into wild, gleeful laughter. But Moore was just getting started.

“Well I want to tell you that’s the kind of logic they used in society today! We have kids driving by shooting at each other that they don’t even know each other. They’re acting like animals because we tell them they come from animals. They’re treating their fellow man with prejudice because we taught them they come from animals. Not from God, who despises that sort of thing.”

In the video, shouts of “Amen!” can clearly be heard.

Despite his apparent expertise in human psychology relating to criminal activity, Moore did not mention whether evolution or creationism is the cause of his alleged pedophilia.

Moore has been accused of making sexual advances and even touching at least eight women when they were pre-teens and teenagers back when he was a district attorney. Moore has denied all charges, calling his victims “criminals” for accusing him,┬ádespite the dozens of people who corroborate their stories.