Roy Moore is fundraising off of the allegations he sexually assaulted a girl

On the same day news broke that Alabama Republican Roy Moore initiated sexual contact with underage girls when he was an assistant district attorney in his 30’s, Moore’s senate campaign used the story to raise money.

According to the Washington Post, several women have said that Moore made inappropriate contact with them when they were between the ages of 14-18 and Moore, now 70, was in his early 30’s. Moore first made contact with one 14-year old girl when he offered to watch her during her mother’s child custody hearing — he later took her to his home in the woods and kissed her. Another time, he stripped her down and guided her hand over his underwear.

Moore has denied the allegations as “fake news” from the Washington Post and liberals seeking to undermine his campaign.

In a campaign email sent out to supporters, Moore referred to them as the “Obama-Clinton Machine’s liberal media lapdogs” who had launched “filthy and sleazy attacks against him.” Then he asked for money.

Moore, a Christian theocrat with questionable interpretations of the Bible, told his supporters via the email that “the forces of evil are on the march in our country” and Christian conservatives are in “the midst of a spiritual battle” against these forces — presumably, he’s referring to Democrats, the news media and people who think it was inappropriate that Moore pursued these girls sexually.

The email contains a link to a donations page and asks, “So will you take a stand by chipping in a donation to let me know you’ve got my back in our all-out war against the Obama-Clinton machine?”

Aside from his inflammatory and conspiracy theory-laden language inciting war against his supporters’ fellow Americans, Moore had the audacity to rake in campaign cash for his Senate run against Democrat Doug Jones by referring to women who he took advantage of as children as liars.

An Alabama state official and prominent supporter of Moore defended Moore’s past actions by saying that Jesus’ mother Mary was a child when she married Joseph, who was an adult.

Moore, who was twice removed from his position as a judge on Alabama’s highest courts for refusing to put U.S. law over his idea of Biblical “moral law,” and his supporters are trying to bring their dangerous brand of Christian conservatism into federal politics — and they’re not afraid to use victims of inappropriate sexual acts to do so.