Roy Moore Was Banned From the Local Mall and YMCA For Soliciting Sex from Girls

Another of Roy Moore’s alleged sexual assault victims came forward on Monday, and top Republicans have distanced themselves from the Alabama Republican, stating that he should end his Senate campaign as more details have emerged.

Five women say that Moore initiated inappropriate sexual contact with them when they were teenagers while Moore, now 70, was in his 30s.

And now, according to the New Yorker, residents in Moore’s hometown of Gadsden, AL were long wary of his interactions with teen girls at the local mall.

Two of the women who have come forward said they first met Moore at the mall, others who worked there said Moore, usually alone, was a regular presence in the early 80s, when he was an assistant district attorney.

The New Yorker reported that more than a dozen people — including a state political figure, members of the legal community, law enforcement, former mall employees, and shoppers — said Moore had been banned from the mall, as well as the YMCA, at some point for “badgering teen-age girls.”

One employee at a popular record store in the mall said he had seen Moore around a few times, despite rumors that he had been banned. A police officer who worked security at the mall told him, “If you see Roy, let me know. He’s banned from the mall,” and “If you see Moore here, tell me. I’ll take care of him.”

This fits in with the narrative provided by a former legal colleague of Moore’s, Teresa Jones, that Moore was known to have dated high school girls.

But despite accounts from several police officers, Gadsden’s current police community could not confirm whether Moore was banned from the mall for his behavior around underage girls, the New Yorker reported.

“We still have an active ban list,” a current Gadsden mall security guard said. “But it doesn’t go back that far.” Meaning, it doesn’t go back to the 80’s when Moore was prowling the grounds.

One explanation for lack of confirmation is, according to one officer who had spoken to girls being bothered by Moore at the time, that Moore was “maybe not legally banned, but run off” from individual stores and managers.

Moore has claimed that the allegations are “fake news” and a political attack before the election, but an Alabama reporter said he’d been approached by many sources over the years asking him to investigate Moore’s interactions with teenage girls — sources who also said Moore had been banned from the mall.