Republican Senator Rips Trump For Threatening to Revoke NBC’s License

GOP Senator from Nebraska Ben Sasse has called out President Donald Trump for his threats to dismantle the freedom of the Press, and now he’s sounding off on those who support Trump’s attacks on the media.

In response to President Donald Trump’s remarks this week that it’s “frankly disgusting” that the press can write what it wants and his threats to revoke broadcasting licenses for news networks, Sasse released a statement on Wednesday questioning whether Trump was betraying his presidential oath to uphold the First Amendment.

“Mr. President: Words spoken by the President of the United States matter. Are you tonight recanting of the oath you took on January 20th to preserve, protect, and defend the First Amendment?” Sasse said.

Fox News personality and Trump defender Sean Hannity tried to attack Sasse for his defense of the First Amendment, calling him “just useless,” but it was Sasse who had the last word. As Trump’s desire to investigate broadcasting license revocation expanded from NBC news to all networks, the Nebraska Republican fired back, asking Trump supporters to imagine how they would respond if the tables were turned on them.

“Question for conservatives: What will you wish you had said now if someday a President Elizabeth Warren talks about censoring Fox News?” he tweeted.

Trump has been notoriously fixated on and against the news media, calling any coverage that isn’t flattering “fake news.” But Trump has escalated his rhetoric this week after NBC published a report quoting unnamed officials who said Trump wanted to increase the U.S.’s nuclear arsenal tenfold. The president responded on Twitter by saying, ““With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!”