Pro-Trump students dance like monkeys in Snapchat video to mock black classmates

The University of North Florida is investigating a video which shows two people, at least one of whom is a student, mocking a Black Lives Matter event in a racist manner.

UNF freshman Zachary Morse uploaded a snapchat video of two people — he’s believed to be one of them — mimicking apes and making monkey noises with the caption, “What actually went on at the BLM rally.” The video was then posted to Facebook on Wednesday.

Morse, who subsequently deleted social media profiles or made them private, had been spotted among a small group of Trump supporters protesting a Black Lives Matter event at the UNF campus.

According to one of the event organizers, Monique Williamson, the rally was to stand in solidarity with the NFL players protesting racism and police brutality. She said the small group of anti-BLM protesters used racial slurs towards her and others.

“After the rally a Snapchat video surfaces of a gentleman, Zachary Morse, who was at the event saying ‘What really happened at the Black Lives Matter rally’ and jumping around like animals,” Williamson told The Tab. “He compared people exercising their constitutional right to free speech to monkeys. Historically comparing black people to monkeys is pretty racist.

“He’s one of the guys in the video and the owner of the Snapchat handle,” she said.”It was a video that someone else recorded that he uploaded to his own personal Snapchat and posted it to our Black Lives Matter event.”

UNF President John Delaney said in a statement that the video was being investigated to determine whether the university’s code of conduct had been violated.

“The University is investigating a social media video that appears to show several people mocking, in a racist way, participants in a Black Lives Matter rally that took place on campus Wednesday afternoon. We received notice of the video last night. I understand that videos such as this are very hurtful to many people,” Delaney said. “We will conduct a full and fair investigation.”