Obama’s former speechwriter to Trump: Puerto Ricans can’t watch fake news without power “you f–king dolt”

A former speechwriter for President Obama just called President Trump a “fucking dolt” on social media today, after Trump claimed that homeless Puerto Ricans should not believe “fake news” reports of his administration’s incompetent response to the disaster.


As Mr. Favreau was quick to point out, it’s impossible for many Puerto Ricans to have opinions of any kind about the news. The territory has been largely without power since being being hit by Hurricane Maria.

Frustrations with Trump have flared into a frenzy following a series of defensive tweets sent from his golf resort during the crisis. In the tweets, Trump attacked the mayor of San Juan for begging for more efficient assistance and blamed Puerto Rico victims themselves because they “want everything done for them.”

Despite Trump’s assertions, significant federal assistance did not begin in earnest until a week after the hurricane hit. Many are comparing the slow response to the Bush administration’s slow response to Hurricane Katrina, which cost many American lives. There were 10,000 National Guard troops on the ground in Louisiana and Mississippi before Katrina struck, with over 72,000 ultimately being deployed in the aftermath. Nine days after Maria, only 10,000 troops and relief workers have been dispatched, none of whom were on the ground before the storm hit.