NRA Radio Host Wants To Trick North Korea Into Bombing California

For at least one member of the National Rifle Association, the love for this country doesn’t extend to its blue states.

Grant Stinchfield, a talk show host on analog radio and a podcast host for the NRA, sent out a tweet yesterday jokingly encouraging individuals to send a note to North Korea, telling Pyongyang that Sacramento — the capital city of California — changed its name to Guam, the island territory that is most threatened by nuclear missiles launched by the isolated peninsular nation.

The tweet was sent out late on Thursday evening.

North Korea recently said that it was preparing itself to be ready to launch an attack on Guam if necessary to defend its interests, and could be planning a missile launch that would come close to the island.

The dangerous rhetoric is not one-sided. Earlier this week, President Donald Trump told North Korea that any more threats against the United States would be met with “met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

Our allies in the Pacific were not too keen on Trump’s words. ““I’m worried those comments are not helpful when the situation’s so tense,” New Zealand Premier Bill English said.

Stinchfield had his own opinions on his radio show, however, about those critical of Donald Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric. “For these [commentators] to be so flabbergasted that a president would speak toughly about protecting the United States, just goes to show you they really are anti-American,” he said.

Stinchfield’s rhetoric is clearly uncalled for, and tries to make humorous a situation that would result in the deaths of thousands of innocent people. Yet earlier this year, Stinchfield was advocating for less violent rhetoric in the wake of a shooter with progressive views shooting a Republican Congressman during a softball practice.

“The rhetoric that’s being pushed, the wink and the nod that violence is okay, actually enables” individuals “to be violent,” he suggested.

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