Neo-Nazis arrested after assaulting elderly black man and shooting up his home in night of terror

A white supremacist skinhead in Washington is facing charges of first-degree assault and malicious harassment after punching a black man and firing a gun at the man’s house, the Spokesman Review reported.

Jason Edward Cooper, 32, and Donald Lucas Prichard, 36, were arrested after they terrorized Cooper’s neighbor, Norris Cooley, 66, at his home Monday night, verbally and physically attacking him before returning and firing a revolver at the house. Both Cooley and Elizabeth Fisher — who also lives at the residence — were inside at the time.

Cooper, who is a white man with a shaved head and “white power” tattooed on his body, told Cooley: “(N-word) you don’t deserve to be breathing white man’s air.”

According to a friend of Cooley’s who was in earshot of the incident, Cooper said, “Smile (N-word) so I can see you. I might shoot you in the dark.” Another neighbor heard the men yelling, “You’re just an (N-word)” and “heil the KKK, white power.”

After telling Cooley he was a “rapist, child molester, and (N-word)” and that black lives don’t matter, Cooper and Prichard followed Cooley into his garage and threatened to kill him with the revolver. They also reportedly threatened Cooley’s friend.

Even Cooper’s loved ones have confirmed his racist skinhead identity, telling police he was a “supremacist” with a “dislike for colored people.”

Unsurprisingly, Cooper has a long rap sheet, with 13 felony charges and 12 convictions for things like burglary and assault.

Studies and crime data show that hate crimes and violence against people of color have been on the rise since the campaign and subsequent election of President Donald Trump. In 2016, hate crimes jumped up 20 percent in the U.S.