Mike Pence once ratted out his frat brothers for having a keg

Vice President Mike Pence snitched on his own fraternity brothers and got the entire frat in trouble when he told the dean of their Presbyterian school about a keg in the frat house.

Pence told the dean of Hanover College that his frat brothers were not obeying the Presbyterian school’s no-alcohol policy, and led the Dean right to where the keg was hidden. Before betraying his brothers, Pence had actually been in charge of overseeing his frat’s plans to sneak alcohol into the house and took care of any issues involving adults during difficult situations.

“They really raked us over the coals. The whole house was locked down,” said betrayed frat brother Dan Murphy.

According to Murphy, the usual protocol for a dean or other adult knocking at the frat door was that whoever answered the door took all the responsibility for the alcohol to spare the rest of the house any trouble. Pence, by contrast, snitched on the entire house.

Pence continued to try to get in the administration’s good graces throughout his entire college career, and was even offered a job at Hanover after he graduated.

The White House has not returned requests for comment.