A Michigan GOP official just quit the Republican Party over Trump

A Republican Party official in Michigan has announced he is resigning from his position and the party because of President Donald Trump.

The Chairman of the Republican Party in Bay County, MI Brandon DeFrain announced on Facebook last week that he was resigning from his position because he could “no longer remain silent” about Trump — who he had previously endorsed publicly on NBC’s “Today” show last year during a segment called “In Trump They Trust.”

DeFrain was something of a rising star in the Michigan GOP, and was instrumental in helping Trump win the Democratic-leaning Bay County with 53 percent of the vote, MLive reported.

“Brandon was excellent for us and he did move us forward,” David Scholl, vice chairman of the party, said. “In this last presidential election, he was very instrumental in getting the word out and helping the party have a presence in Bay County.”

But DeFrain said he was discouraged after seeing an increase in racism on the streets, in schools and online, as well as a deepening divide between family members.

“I can no longer remain silent about our President,” DeFrain said in a Facebook post on February 8. “I have not seen a leader, I’ve only seen more of the same… I’m tired of attempting to defend a machine that does not defend the people I love.”

DeFrain was elected chairman of the Bay County GOP in 2014, and first became active with the party in 2012 — but feels he can no longer do so under the current administration. DeFrain said he will no longer run for office as a party candidate or be affiliated with any political party in order to “be better aligned with my own values.”

“Since I’ve been involved in politics I’ve spent my time learning about the passion on both sides. I have found myself torn,” he said. “This leads to where my mind is today. I do not support the actions coming from the White House.”