Look at this ridiculous bullsh*t Republicans snuck into the tax bill

The Senate Finance Committee released the latest version of the GOP’s controversial tax plan this week — and it appears to be full of concessions to special interests.

Among the most egregious concessions is the plan to lower taxes for the management — including storage and staffing — of private jets.

Yeah, the GOP tax plan the Trump administration keeps saying will be so good for the middle class that it will hurt the rich, actually lowers taxes private jet owners pay on managed services, including storage, maintenance and fueling of aircraft, and hiring and operating flight crews.

“The proposal exempts certain payments related to the management of private aircraft from the excise taxes imposed on taxable transportation by air,” the proposal reads. “Exempt payments are those amounts paid by an aircraft owner for management services related to maintenance and support of the owner’s aircraft or flights on the owner’s aircraft.”

The aircraft industry has long sought to eliminate or reduce the taxes paid on private aircraft management fees.

Other special interest concessions include not only defining an “unborn child” but making unborn children eligible for a college savings account. Abortion rights activists believe the provision could be used to expand anti-abortion programs or restrict access to abortions.

The GOP tax plan has also maintained a tax break for golf course owners, which is concerning, considering Trump has said he does not stand to benefit from the tax plan but is a golf club owner who has claimed this exemption in the past. Closing the loophole — which is based on restricting development on one’s property in perpetuity and creating a conservation easement — could save the country more than $600 million in a decade, the Obama administration found in 2014. Instead, it just subsidizes millionaire developers who build a housing development and add a golf course nearby.

As many have noted, these tax breaks have come at the expense of other programs designed to help veterans, orphans, indebted students and those with rare diseases.