Jimmy Carter Just Released a Statement on Trump’s Jerusalem Decision

Former President Jimmy Carter just said that President Trump’s wildly unpopular decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital “jeopardizes any prospect for peace” in the region.

“This fundamental shift in decades-old U.S. policy exacerbates tensions throughout the Arab and Muslim world, but we hope that protests can remain nonviolent,” Carter said in a written statement. “Any change to the status of the city without the consent of the Palestinians jeopardizes any prospect for peace. East Jerusalem is a linchpin of Palestinian aspirations for a state of their own.”

In the same statement, Carter’s organization said Trump’s decision “damages the credibility of the U.S. as an effective mediator and undermines hope for a two-state solution. Since 1967, the international community has been unanimous in rejecting such a shift and in considering East Jerusalem part of the occupied Palestinian territory.”

Trump has promised to find “the ultimate deal” to broker peace between the two nations, vaguely promising “we will get it done.”

Arab leaders also warned Trump that his decision on Jerusalem could ruin all attempts at peace in the area, and Palestinians called for three “days of rage” in response to the president’s decision. Palestinian political party Hamas has also called for an “uprising” to make Trump “regret” his decision, and Palestinian schools and shops have been shut down in anticipation of possible violence.

Aside from Israel, zero other countries supported Trump’s decision. The European Union has announced plans to push to also recognize Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital in retaliation.

Carter has criticized Trump’s policies in the past, particularly his attempts to sabotage Obamacare. He has, however, expressed measured sympathy for Trump’s treatment by the media and offered to help Trump ease tensions between North Korea and the U.S.