Hannity’s Boycott of Keurig Just Blew Up In His Face

Fox News’ Sean Hannity has been an ardent defender of Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of past sexual misconduct with teenage girls while he was in his 30’s.

Hannity tried to invoke the ten commandments in his defense of Moore, a former conservative judge with a Christian theocratic approach to the bench, and repeatedly cast doubt on the Washington Post story revealing the allegations against Moore. He allowed a guest, Katie Hopkins, to accuse the victims of lying and making life harder for other women.

In response to the controversial segment, a number of advertisers on Fox pulled their ads from Hannity’s program. Among them was coffee maker company Keurig, and Hannity viewers were so willing to support an alleged child molester — under the conspiracy theory belief that the Washington Post story was fake news perpetrated by liberals — that they started boycotting, throwing away and destroying their Keurig machines after the company pulled its ads.

Most rational Americans on social media simply laughed at the attempted boycott and outrage of Fox News viewers at supposed “liberal bias” on the part of Keurig for not being on board with Hannity’s victim-shaming rhetoric.

Since then, several other companies have also pulled their ads from Hannity’s timeslot. Here are a few of the company statements:

“We removed Hannity from our advertising plans,” tweeted Hebrew National, a kosher beef company. “We will be sure to provide your feedback with our team. Our advertising is not intended to be an endorsement of or sponsorship of any particular program. Thank you.”

“We have spoken with our media agency and have advised them to cease advertising on the show,” Volvo’s USA division tweeted.

Responding to Business Insider via email, apparel company UNTUCKit’s CEO said: “We have not advertised on Hannity for several weeks, although unrelated to the controversy surrounding his interview with Roy Moore. The move was part of a larger assessment of where we spend our advertising dollars. We do not have any plans to revisit this decision.”

ReddiWhip’s Twitter account confirmed in several replies to concerned users that Hannity was removed from the company’s advertising plans in response to the incident. Fellow Conagra brand Marie Callender’s also ceased its advertising on Hannity — and Conagra told Business Insider that all its brands had followed suit.

“We removed Hannity from our advertising plans,” the company tweeted to multiple accounts. “We will be sure to provide your feedback to our team. Thanks.”

Hubble Contacts — allegedly a frequent advertiser on Hannity — announced that it had “no future plans to advertise on Hannity.”

The Society for Human Resource Management said it has ceased advertising not only during Hannity’s program, but on all of Fox News.

Media Matters has compiled a list of all Hannity advertisers — and is updating it as companies drop the show — on its website. The list, with contact information, is also available via Google Documents.