Doug Jones Says Roy Moore Blocked Him On Twitter

Alabama Democratic Senate Candidate Doug Jones mocked Roy Moore on Tuesday by posting a screenshot which revealed that the Senate candidate blocked him on Twitter.

Jones took to Twitter to criticize Moore on Tuesday, calling the Republican candidate “embarrassing.” Prior to Jones being blocked from Moore’s page, he sent out a series of tweets containing quotations from an earlier speech in which he stated, “Men who hurt little girls should go to jail — not to the U.S. Senate.”

After being blocked, Jones immediately posted a screenshot of the Twitter account as he saw it as proof that he’d gotten under Moore’s skin. “Roy Moore won’t talk to the media, won’t talk to voters, won’t campaign, won’t debate, and couldn’t even handle me calling him embarrassing,” Jones wrote in a tweet containing the screenshot.

“He thinks he gets a free pass to the senate even with his disturbing history.”

Moore’s camp fired back at Jones swiftly via email: “We can’t believe that Doug Jones is still whining about being blocked on Twitter. Wait until we block him from the United States Senate.”

Moore has been in the middle of a firestorm since last month after several women accused him of sexual misconduct dating back to when they were teens and while he was in his thirties and working as an assistant district attorney. He addressed the allegations on Tuesday during a campaign speech.

“I damn sure believe and have done my part to ensure that men who hurt little girls should go to jail, and not the United States Senate,” Jones proclaimed.