DC’s congresswoman: military parade wastes tax dollars to feed Trump’s ego

Washington D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton on Wednesday joined the growing opposition to President Donald Trump’s proposed military parade through the nation’s capital.

The D.C. Democrat reflected on the tremendous cost of the proposed affair — military experts estimate a parade similar to what Trump attended on Bastille Day in France would cost millions of dollars — and slammed the idea as a “waste.”

Instead, Norton suggested that the money should go towards veteran and servicemember healthcare.

“A military parade in DC would shut down the nation’s capital and waste taxpayer dollars just to feed Trump’s ego,” Norton tweeted on Wednesday. “The way to show our service members and veterans that we appreciate their service is to use the parade money to fund their health care and other services they need.”

The Washington Post reported that Trump in January instructed Pentagon officials to explore conducting a large-scale military parade — though the officials were not yet sure how such an event would be paid for. District of Columbia officials said they had not yet been formally contacted about the parade — but Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office issued a statement declaring that the city government would not pay for it. The District’s legislative body also voiced its opposition in Twitter.

The move has also been questioned by federal lawmakers from both parties as the government stares down another shutdown unless a long-term funding bill can be reached.