CNN just summed up Trumps first 6 months in the best way

Donald Trump’s presidency, which reached the six-month mark on Thursday, has so far been marred by the failure to repeal and replace Obamacare, court battles over his Muslim travel ban, personnel upheaval and the investigation into his campaign’s collusion with Russia.

And CNN wasn’t going to let anyone forget it. The organization sent out a mobile alert detailing just how little the Trump administration has accomplished – while also taking a jab at Trump’s social media habits.

“In 6 months, Pres. Trump has tweeted 991 times, spent 40 days at Trump golf properties, and passed 0 pieces of major legislation,” the push notification read. According to another report, Trump has managed 1,002 tweets since his inauguration.

The notification accompanied a story detailing the administration’s past six months “by the numbers.”

According to the report, Trump has a 38.3 percent job approval rating. He also seems focused on his reelection in 2020, despite it being the same year he was elected to his first term. So far, he’s held five campaign rallies, compared to only one news conference.

CNN hit Trump hardest on his legislative goals. Trump has signed 42 bills into law since becoming president, but CNN said he has yet to achieve any pieces of major legislation promised during his campaign: infrastructure, healthcare and tax reform, for example.

CNN also noted the number of times Trump has spent the weekend at a Trump property (21 out of 26 weeks), the number of international agreements the U.S. has left under his watch (two), and the number of Walls built on the Mexican border with Mexico’s money (Zero).

Meanwhile, Trump has tweeted almost two dozen times about his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton, and over 80 times about the media.

According to The Hill, White House aides even threatened a “Twitter intervention,” warning the president that his Twitter rampages could “paint him into a corner.”