A Bloomberg reporter just caught Mitt Romney changing his Twitter and it’s embarrassing

Mitt Romney has been coy about announcing his intention to replace Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, but an eagle-eyed Bloomberg reporter just all but confirmed it, thanks to an impulsive change to Romney’s Twitter account.

Sahil Kapur shared two screenshots of Romney’s Twitter bio side by side, taken two hours apart. The address of Romney changed from Massachusettes to Holladay, Utah.

Speculation has been rampant that Romney would replace Hatch, who is retiring at the end of this year, and is likely win the senate seat, as the Mormon 2012 GOP presidential candidate is still very popular in the area. This is huge for the GOP, which has been having increasingly difficult elections largely due to their association with President Trump and their own unpopular legislative endeavors.

“It would be difficult to defeat Mitt Romney if he were running here,” said David Hansen, a longtime Utah Republican strategist and chairman of Mr. Hatch’s political organization.

Still, whatever big announcement Romney was hoping to have has likely been a bit undercut by his own bizarre social media fail.