AP reveals link between Harvey Weinstein and Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon has been gleefully ordering his Breitbart writers to publish article after article condemning various Democrats for accepting political donations from Harvey Weinstein, who has recently been outed as a sexual predator. What those articles haven’t mentioned, however, is that Bannon himself profited mightily from a partnership with the disgraced former Hollywood producer.

According to the Associated Press, Weinstein and his brother at one time owned 70% of Bannon’s ill-fated Genius Products, which distributed DVDs and home videos. While the venture eventually went bankrupt, Bannon himself earned well over $1 million in stock options and was able to receive bonuses of over $200,000 as a result of the partnership.

“We are extremely honored to be in business with the new Weinstein Company,” Bannon said of their partnership at the time. “The Weinsteins have the most impressive track record in the film industry… Bob and Harvey are two of the most prolific studio heads in the history of Hollywood.”

Meanwhile, Breitbart has published dozens of articles slamming every prominent Democrat to have ever taken money from Weinstein.

Bannon himself has a history of alleged abuse towards women. He once tried to drag his second wife out through a car window by her neck, with police officers reporting red marks on her neck and wrist after arriving at the scene. Bannon was not charged of any crimes because his wife did not appear in court to testify. Many believe she was threatened by Bannon not to appear.

Most leading Democrats have publicly condemned Weinstein’s behavior. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Elizabeth Warren have announced intentions to donate Weinstein’s recent contributions to charities.


As of this writing, Bannon has not commented on his business ties to Weinstein.