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Finding a great name for a child is one of the toughest jobs as the baby needs to carry the name for her or his entire life. Recently a few of my friends have become parents and they were asking for names with the meaning of new beginnings or rebirth. Thus I decided to write an article on this topic as there are many parents like them who are looking for names with the meaning of rebirth or a new beginning.  


Delightful Baby Girl Names for New Beginnings

names that mean reborn

If you are looking for the perfect name for your child with the meaning of a new beginning or rebirth then you are at the right place. We will provide you with some best names for your baby girl with appropriate meanings.

Alula – The name “Alula” denotes the first step or the firstborn

Asha – The term “Asha” is one of the popular names which means hope.

Aurora – This term comes from a Latin origin that means dawn. It also denotes the name of the Roman goddess of sunrise.

Ausra – It is a Lithuanian name that means dawn.

Fathiya – It is an Arabic name that signifies “firstborn” or the first rays of the sun. The term is quite popular in Islamic states, Africa and in the Middle East.

Nashima – This is an Arabic term that means gentle breeze or fresh air.

Nyssa – This is a Greek origin name which is popular in the West which means beginning.

Oriana – “Oriania” is of Latin origin and is also an exotic name that means dawn. This name has been used several times by Tennyson in his ballad “The Ballad of Oriana”.

Renata – The name “Renata” is derived from the Latin word Renatus which denotes born again.

Senara – The origin of the name is Cornish which means light.



Charming Baby Boy Names to Kickstart a Lifetime of Adventures

If you are looking for a meaningful name for your baby boy I am here to provide you with some most meaningful names with unique spelling.

Aadi – “Aadi” is a Sanskrit name that means inception or beginning.

Arun – The origin of the name came from Sanskrit that denotes the dawn

Fresco – “Fresco” is an Italian name that means fresh.

Janus – the name came from Roman origin and it is the name of the Roman God as well as gateways.

Neo – Neo came from Latin origin that denotes “new”.

Ordell – The name derives from English origin that means “beginning”.

Tan – The origin of the term is Vietnam which means “a new start”.

Urien – The term denotes “privileged birth”

Vihaan – This is an Indian name that means “Sunrise” or “dawn”

Zorro – The name is a Slavic name that means “dawn”.

InizioAnatoleDagianRohit/ PrabhatUrien
AmilAadiShachar/ SaharAltanNeo
VonArun/ AhaanNeanderVihaanArman

Unisex Names for New Beginnings 

names that mean reborn

If you are looking for different unisex names from different origins that mean rebirth or new beginning then get some unique names

Nova – The name came from Latin origin that means “new”

Nouvel – “Nouvel” is the French name that denotes “new” or “young”

Torny – The term denotes “New”  

Kit – This is a Greek name that stands for “bearer of Christ”

Phoenix – This is a mythical Greek name which is the name of a Greek bird. The name denotes reincarnation.

Genesis – The origin of the name of Hebrew that stands for “origin”

Andy – Andy is of Greek origin which means brave

Skyler – This is an English origin that denotes the sky

Casey – Casey is derived from English origin that means brave in battle

Alex – This name denotes helper and defender of mankind

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The Ultimate Collection of Baby Names Symbolizing Rebirth

I have brought some best names for boys that can help those parents who are looking for some appropriate names for their sons.

Alba – It is a Spanish and Italian name that denotes “Dawn”

Chae-Won – This is a Korean name that stands for “beginning”

Dagny – It is a Scandinavian name that stands for “a new day” or “a new beginning”

Eos – It is the name of the Greek goddess of dawn and “Eos” is an ancient name.

Fatiha – Fatiha is an Arabic name which means first or beginning.

Genesis – Genesis is a popular name in the bible which has been used several times in the place of dawn.

Iola – Although “Iola” has been used for various purposes it often denotes “violet dawn”

Kia – It is one of the sweet and common names in Africa that stands for “new beginning”

Neoma – The name is popular for four decades that means “new moon”

Roxana – “Roxana” is the name of the wife of Alexander which is considered to be an attractive name that means dawn.

RickyThymeBeverlyMaisyLucky (Charms)

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Boy Names Symbolizing Rebirth and Fresh Starts

names that mean reborn

If you want to pick a meaningful name as well as a unique name for your son then choose the most appropriate name from below:

Ahaan – It is a Sanskrit name that denotes dawn.

Amil – Amil is an Arabic name that means a new beginning and hope

Dagian – The name belongs of English origin that means dawn

Inizio – It is an Italian name which is also a stylish name that means beginning

Janmey – The name belongs from India which means new-born

Prabhat – It is an Indian name that stands for dawn

Rene – Rene comes of French origin and denotes reborn

Sura – It is a common and popular American name which means new life

Von – It is an old German name that denotes hope

Zoran – Zoran is one of the popular names that stand for dawn.


Embrace Rebirth with These Girl Names

Here are some baby girls’ names discussed which mean rebirth :

Amara – Amara is a famous name that means “immortal” and “everlasting”

Kiara – Kiara is a Korean name that denotes “first ray of sun”.

Nadia – The name came from French origin which denotes “hope”

Raanana – The name belongs to Hebrew that means “new” as well as “fresh”

Roxanna – This is a charming name that stands for “dawn”

Seher – It is one of the unique names and it is a Persian name that means “morning”. The name is also popular in Pakistan.

Winona – It is an American name that means “newborn daughter”.

Zerlinda – This is an amazing Hebrew name that stands for “dawn”

Zora – Zora is a biblical root that means “dawn”

Zorina – This is a Slavic name that denotes a “golden dawn” 

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