499+Best D&D Kenku Names 2021

Kenku Names are the fictional, mythical race that resembles the appearance and characters of humans and birds. They have appeared in the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Kirkus appeared in Southern Faerun and worked as assassins, spies, scouts, and thieves.

This bipedal, wingless, avian race is about five feet, with an average weight of 75 pounds. They have strong eyesight for spotting their victims. Kenku forms thieve guilds known as ‘flocks’.

Due to their greedy nature, kinks are cursed creatures. They lost their flight capacity due to a lack of wings. They also lost their voice for betraying their master, but possess arms and hands. Kenku attains maturity at the age of 12 years.

Kenku have different and unique names and their names have a significant meaning. Here, we will find some of the Kenku names. There are several categories of Kenku names. Kenku names are on the basis of their characteristics, behavior, and imitating nature.

These Kenku names are unique all over the Fantasy world. Kenku names provide a lot of positive features and information which are very essential for you while determining the characters for your role play.

D&D Kenku Names

Before knowing the names of kenku, you should know the interesting facts behind their names.

  • Kenku got their names on the basis of their personality and profession.
  • Their names suggest their characters and behaviour.
  • Kenku has the power to imitate nature’s sound, voices of other creatures, animals. They are named after the sounds produced by them.
  • Kirkus got their names after the names of several birds and animals.

Here’s a list of significant Kenku names that you will find most striking and interesting and you can use the names for your fiction characters.

D&D Kenku Names
D&D Kenku Names
SilverCrow honkKite fisherLute string
Raven rustlePaint strokeWook creakGnasher
Panda puffRhino thompWolf growlDuck quacks
Barky foxWood scrapeStrummerHog Oink
BarkerTree creakScrubberRoarer
SplitterPotion crashSqueakZur Caskbeard
ClapperMallet smashMaulerMombis Pomegus
RufflerHog SnortBasherJashid Panna
Ape CallKettle BubbleShaverShavir Hegude
Nihnim bomelWew kiHel SholodzNamlance
Ivor GritskKir VikranTui tamKenku Channels
Uy YeiJio MaHeshur DanuNames Stir
Likaz VocraftThohahvo LuzevemVenobres VorgurgorKenku Shore
Albatross flapFlapperNibblerNames Eternal
Honk swanScreechChimerKenku Living
Cork popRookerDrummerKenku Muse
Furnace roarLeather flickerSaw wobbleKenku Forward
Swarm keeperLute pluckClawerNames Glass Jaw
DiggerKnockerHoe scrapeNames Pea
SifterCrate smashFryerNames Cactus
Se BalenJia XuShui NaonKenku Question
Kenku WhiteboardNames YokeNames AccelKenku Fancy
Names ExpertKenku FemmeNames DarlingKenku Mass
Names DiscussionKenku AxleNames AstroKenkuwind
Names ViewerKenkugenixKenkuopsKenku Redux

Kenku Female Names

  • Female Kenkus are chaotic in nature and hardly makes any durable commitments.
  • They are engaged in preserving their own hides.
  • They are five feet tall weighing between 90 and 120 pounds.
  • Females also have to imitate nature and use several sounds to express their feelings and ideas.
  • Kenku names do not consider any gender but depend on the profession.

Here is the list of several interesting Kenku female names.

Names CandidNames KristinaKenkuifyNames Label
NamneticNames PerfectNames UdanaKenkun
Kenku TetraNames CurvaceousNames CampaignNamocity
Kenku GrowNamwindNames BoxNames Zip
Names SupportNamzillaKenku AbodeNames Glow
KenkusioNames CropKenku PlayNames Realm
Names SnazzyNames RhubarbKenku NimbleNames Charm
Kenku SnapKenku SeekKenku StealthKenku Songbird
Kenku CuppaNames LaxNamjetNames Hangout
Names AnchorKenku SharpKenku NationalKenku Fluid
Names SimplyKenku TireKenku NonKenku Ease
Names JamNamexKenkuadriKenku Arctic
Kenku SumoNames ScopeKenku EnjoyKenku Times
NamporiumKenku TakingNamiumKenku Assorted
Kenku AnytimeKenkuqueNames PeopleNames Ultra
Kenku SpotlessNames UsaKenku ProperKenku Form
Kenku EpicNames ActiveKenku StellaNames Bite
Names ServNames PenguinNambiaKenku Steady
Names SpiralKenku ShadowKenkuorzoKenku Goal
Kenku CloudNamoramaNames Zone DKenku Mafia
Names EvolutionKenku LividKenku SlashKenku Unreal
Kenku BounceKenku JoyrideNames ObserveNames Comet
Kenku ChicKenku PunchKenku EngineKenku Butcher
Kenku LucidNames AbhayaNames RewardsKenku Rocket
Names BleachersNames ParagonKenku FondKenku Authority

Kenku Monk Names

  • Kenku monks are well known for their dexterity and wisdom.
  • They possess the potentiality to handle the clan and strengthen their unity, morality.
  • Kenku monk informs the gang regarding the enemy’s position and plan.
  • Their additional war skills, unique mentality helps to break the monotony while fighting.
  • The clans gather enough war knowledge from their leaders.
  • Kirkus know the proper use of weapons.

You can easily acquire their positive feelings. Here is the list of Kenku monk names.

Kenku Monk Names
Kenku Monk Names
Kenku CuteNames QueenKenku GlimmerKenku Genics
Names SmoochNames CryptKenku AthenaNames Dare
Names FunnyNames BlackboardNames UshaKenku Ally
Kenku SolutionsNames SeasonedKenku LinkageKenku Nidra
Kenku MicrofilmNames SlurpNames SquireKenku Amaze
Names AzureKenku ImpactNames PowerhouseKenku Elite
Names UniqueKenku GroundKenku SamuraiKenku Canvas
Kenku BedogNames HostNames SwiftKenku Ablaze
Kenku FlyKenku LegionNames AwareKenku Visibly
Names EngagedNames EfficientKenku DetoxNames Flex
Kenku BesNames ShamanNames RelianceNames Consulting
Kenku HipKenku FXKenku MetroKenku Send
Names SensualNames AccelerateKenku ConditionNames Reactor
Kenku MirageKenku SunshineNames PassionKenku Funland
Kenku PropelNames BortKenku CatalystNames Rocket
Kenku MandalaNames SutraKenku ModishNames Eternal
Kenku VilleKenku ProduceNames SaintNames Dart
Kenku TrendNames OliveKenku LegendaryKenku District
Kenku FixKenku LoveyKenku GainsKenku Soul
Names RecoveryKenku IdentityNames GuildKenku Framework
Names LotusNames UncensoredNames PerspectiveKenku Plethora
Kenku BeatKenku VirtuosoKenku BladeNames Flutter
Names AdemiaKenku UnionNames FlagNames Commerce
Kenku KeplerKenku PerspectiveNames ReinventKenku Invision
Names JuicyNames CrumbKenku TotalNames Chomp

Do Kenku Have Names?

Kenku names are very fascinating, interesting, and charming.

  • They are basically named depending on their personality, profession, nature and behaviour.
  • Since Kenkus can mimic the sound of nature, voices of other animals and creatures, therefore they got their unique names on the basis of the sounds generated by them.
  • They are often named after the names of birds, animals.
  • Kirkus got their names by not following any gender bias.
  • Both males and females have their names depending on their identity.

Can Kenku Speak?

For the greedy nature, kinks are severely cursed by their supreme vengeful god. They lost their power of speech. Although they cannot speak, they can imitate any sounds perfectly.

  • Kenku imitates the sounds of crackling rocks, waterfall.
  • They can imitate the voices of other creatures and animals.
  • They can imitate the sound of nature.
  • In order to convey their thoughts and ideas, they use sound effects.
  • Kenku cannot create any sounds but they can use the imitated sounds.

Can A Kenku Be A Warlock?

  • Kenku follows a magical tradition of air magic to hinder harm.
  • They follow several war arts, martial art to gather power for facing the opponent clans.
  • Due to their dexterous features, they can use weapons skilfully to win over war and battles fought between the clans.
  • Kenku in order to carry their tools and weaponry prefers to wear nondescript brown robes and leather armour.
  • Kirkus generally use various weapons like saps, spiked chains, slings, short bows and arrows.
  • While unarmed they use their claws to slash the opponents.

Can A Kenku Be A Druid?

  • Kenku is not purely druid as they imitate the sounds of the druid.
  • They were aware of the druidic culture and tries to imbibe that within their clans.
  • They follow druidic culture to possess wealth and power.
  • They are opportunists in nature.
  • Kirkus are very suspicious in nature and possess the ability to create several metals and wood crafting.

Can Kenku Have Original Thoughts?

  • Kenku possesses original thinking capacity.
  • They cannot speak but are able to think freely.
  • They express their thoughts and ideas through several sound effects.
  • They also use broken sound to convey messages to their clans warning them about their dangers.
  • They are unable to understand all sorts of languages, but their way of expressing their ideas are understandable by the clan members.
  • Kirkus can solve all sorts of matters amongst themselves in their own way.

Kenku Names Lore

  • The dynamic and compelling kenku lore motivates a lot of players.
  • If you are playing the character, you should be aware of their characteristics, nature, techniques they actually follow.
  • Kenku lore paves the way about how the kinks are struggling to get their voice back.
  • This is very heart touching and inspiring.
  • They are very conservative in nature.
  • Kirkus always try to preserve their own culture and heritage.

Here is the list of several Kenku lore names.

Names VampNames ChefNames FactoryNames Brand
Names SenseNames ExquisiteKenku BuxomKenku Hazard
Names ApeKenku EvolutionNames AshKenku Core
Names VisionsKenku FinesseKenku ShowerNames Amuse
Names GrowKenku NurseKenku SpeedyKenku Omega
Kenku LaxKenku MeasureKenku FlagNames Own
Names FrostyNames FormulaNames FeedNames Boost
Kenku All-StarNames SpecialtyNames CEONames Sage
Names WobblyNames EdulisNames WantedNames Headway
Kenku CutsieKenku SensorKenku BlessedKenku Total
Names CustomNames DefiniteKenku BitKenku Binge
Names IvyKenku CounterKenku AveKenku Persona
Names TimbreNames BenchNames SonicNames Rack
Kenku AmazeNames SnapNames CelestialNames Obelisk
Names ProtectKenku SceneKenku CraterKenku Joy
Kenku RaleKenku LanxKenku BuddiesKenku Detox
Names PreferredKenku KeyNames StepNames Beast
Kenku CentaurNames PromoteKenku TasteKenku Cult
Names LeagueKenku BastionNames BoxKenku Speed
Kenku ExcelNames AthensNames IntellectNames Hi-Res
Names FretNames RenewKenku HolidayNames Special
Names JerseyKenku BoyKenku EliteKenku Glamour
Names ThinkKenku VexNames CrazyNames Sturdy
Kenku StriveNames EternityNames ScapeKenku Thrive
Names FauxNames StitchKenku CaringNames Direct

Kenku Ranger Names

Kenku looks like a crow but does not have any relation with them. Kenku rangers in order to attack their enemies utilize the power of a gang of crows. They follow an archery fighting style to enhance their wisdom for ranger spells.

Kenku Ranger Names
Kenku Ranger Names

Kenku ranger also gathers proficiency in facing all sorts of problems. Kenku rangers have enough strength. They deal with several damages, can move 15 feet horizontally.

Here is the list of Kenku ranger names.

Kenku GearNames ButterflyNames All-OutKenku Hip
Kenku DecisionNames FillKenku SunriseKenku Variety
Kenku KeplerNames SheerNames TodayKenku Dirt
Kenku SheenKenku AirKenku PrajnaNames Gang
Names HerdsmanKenku EllaNames YouthfulNames Munition
Kenku GorgeousNames LaunchNames GoodKenku Crib
Kenku MacroNames SprinkleNames TreasuryNames Spearhead
Kenku MeshNames JetNames CareKenku Survey
Names FlightKenku IntentionsNames PrismNames Revolve
Kenku BleachersKenku ArclightKenku MoonshotKenku Rising
Kenku SystemNames BuffKenku BowKenku Union
Names DrinkKenku ForumKenku TropicalKenku Feast
Kenku MateNames StargazerNames FeedNames Scent
Kenku ProgressionKenku WantedNames ZipKenku Namah
Names FleurKenku DishedKenku TypeKenku Dhara
Kenku CreativityNames ActiveKenku ReadyKenku Collab
Names PeeweeNames TalkNames ThugKenku Giggles
Names BuildKenku FlawlessNames CoreNames Wind
Kenku BrightKenku SkyNames SunnyNames Pegged
Names DistinctNames FreaksNames SyndicateKenku Command
Kenku PeonyNames RadianceNames TripNames Intentions
Names BohemeNames GuideKenku RebalanceNames Capsule
Kenku AntiKenku FairKenku RoyaleKenku Hacks
Names FreedomKenku RoosterNames ColorKenku Stack
Kenku RejuvenateKenku FidoKenku FactoryKenku Link

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