Trump just got some bad news about his plan to repeal Obamacare

A push by Republican senators to repeal Obamacare without having a replacement would leave 32 million Americans without health insurance within 10 years, the Congressional Budget Office said in a report on Wednesday.

The nonpartisan group found that 18 million would lose coverage in the first year without a replacement health care bill. The CBO also said that repealing Obamacare would have a devastating effect on premiums – the opposite of what many GOP lawmakers have claimed – which could double by 2026.

The news for those covered under Obamacare is just as bad in the short term.

“Average premiums in the nongroup market (for individual policies purchased through the marketplaces or directly from insurers) would increase by roughly 25 percent—relative to projections under current law—in 2018,” the report found.

President Donald Trump lambasted Republicans for not getting enough votes on the bill after several GOP senators dropped their support, and urged them to repeal Obamacare without a new bill in place. After the tongue lashing from Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other GOP senators said they were restarting the process to repeal and replace the bill.

After Senate Republicans abandoned plans to vote on a repeal and replace Obamacare with their own healthcare bill this week, GOP members of the House Freedom Caucus said on Wednesday they would push for a full repeal. The conservative and libertarian group of lawmakers is considered the farthest right group among the House Republicans

The CBO said the repeal-only bill would “would destabilize the market, and the effect would worsen over time.”

Trump had also been bullish on the Republican’s healthcare bill, dubbed Trumpcare, before its failure as well.