Man Shouts Racist Slurs on Subway and Immediately Gets What He Deserves

New Yorkers ejected a man from a Brooklyn-bound L train Saturday afternoon after he repeatedly used racial slurs towards people of color, Gothamist reported.

Witnesses said the man, holding a Bud Light Lime-a-Rita and claiming to be a graduate of NYU Law School, had called a group of black men “stupid n-gger” after arguing with them about personal space. This group departed the train shortly after.

When called out, Gothamist reported the self-professed “legal scholar” began to justify his actions using the first amendment and his alleged legal education.

“I talk shit because I know I can, because I’m a lawyer. I went to NYU law. Fuck you!” the man shouted in the video, as he repeatedly used the racial slur. He repeatedly tries to dissuade his opponents by saying, “that’s assault.”

“Beat me up and show your fucking small-mindedness,” the man said.

Other passengers on the train were not going to let the racist behavior slide, and confronted the man. During the exchange, the man was hit with soup and had a bottle tossed in his direction. The witnesses stood in between the man and his bag, without touching the man or his property, and he was pushed out of the train at the Bedford Avenue.

Witnesses told Gothamist the man was not necessarily “falling-down drunk,” but was “belligerent.” They also reported a sense of relief and justice after the man was removed from the train car. According to Gothamist, NYPD did not have any records indicating the man was arrested after the incident.