Trump to End DACA. Congressman Ted Lieu’s Response is Great

President Donald Trump, urged on by GOP attorneys general, is poised to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, allowing younger residents brought into the U.S. without documentation to remain in the country and have protection from prosecution.

So far, 800,000 young immigrants have been able to meet the Obama-era program criteria and have received work permits and assurance they will not be deported. Several Republican attorneys general have threatened to sue the federal government if the program isn’t rescinded.

Democratic Congressman from California, Rep. Ted Lieu — himself an immigrant from Taiwan — summed up the GOP’s treatment of immigrants, and potential immigrant voters, perfectly.

“Message of the #GOP to minorities. Please join our party. We love you, we really do. But first we need to deport your children. #DACA,” Lieu tweeted Thursday afternoon.

White House officials, like Chief of Staff John Kelly said he doesn’t believe DACA would stand up to a legal challenge, though the hill notes that even some Republican lawmakers, like Carlos Curbelo, have proposed legislation that would attempt to keep DACA on the books.

White House officials said the decision is still being reviewed, but a decision from Trump could come as soon as early Friday. He would likely end new entry into the program, and current DREAMers (those who are part of the DACA program) would face deportation when their current two-year work permits expire.

It’s also worth noting that the program enjoys widespread public support, with polls showing almost two-thirds of Americans in favor of it.