Richard Spencer’s Website Calls for Neo-Nazis to Arms Themselves, Prepare for War

A website co-founded by white supremacist Richard Spencer has published articles calling on the alt-right to begin organizing in small cells and prepare for war.

Vincent Law, a regular writer for Spencer’s, wrote the articles after August 12’s fascist-led gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia, where one participant rammed his car into an anti-racist march, killing one and wounding 19.

The first essay, “The Alt Right is Finished Debating,” was published ten days after Charlottesville. Using apocalyptic language, Law claimed that the Alt Right has “reached a point of no return,” and there was no use in speaking to uncommitted fascists, seeking popular support nor recruiting new members.

“There are no debates between foreign tribes, only war,” Law wrote. “The debate happens on the battlefield.”

Law said the Alt Right has almost no more legal political options available. “It is almost as if Antifa has deliberately started burning the ships we need to go home so that we have nowhere to go but forward. Total victory or bust.”

Eleven days later, Law published an article titled “Leaderless Resistance,” a reference to a concept popularized by racist paramilitary leader Louis Beam in the 1980s.

Chip Berlet, a veteran scholar of right-wing populist movements, says right-wing leaderless resistance advocates a system of “spontaneous, autonomous, unconnected cells seeking to carry out acts of violence, sabotage, or terrorism against a government or occupying military force. These acts may or may not involve targeting civilians.”

Law danced around the question of what tactics leaderless cells are supposed to use, advising his readers to “start thinking pro-actively about what you can do for the movement.” But in the white supremacist movement, groups in the 1980s, including The Order, were inspired by leaderless resistance to commit armed robberies and an assassination (and in case a newbie racist missed the point, the article is filled with pictures of armed men and a link to Beam’s original essay).

The articles came as the corporate media smeared antifa while federal agencies, including the FBI and Homeland Security, continued to treat the anti-fascist demonstrators as “domestic terrorists.”

After Charlottesville, the media collective Unicorn Riot leaked fascist rally planning chats which showed they had planned on bringing weapons and attacking counter-protestors—even suggesting ramming cars into them.

In the days after the attack, Law wrote: “Get with the pogrom or get lost.”

Now that the most popular Alt Right website is calling for its followers to go underground and begin preparing for a campaign of violence, will corporate media take more notice of this threat and concern itself less with Richard Spencer’s haircut?