Democrats in Georgia Just Flipped Another State Senate Seat

Democrats in Georgia have ended a Republican supermajority in the state senate.

Democratic candidate Jen Jordan beat a fellow Democrat in a runoff election Tuesday night for Georgia’s 6th district after the state senate seat was left vacant in August by Republican Hunter Hill, who had run for governor earlier in the year.

The Cobb County Courier reported that not one of the Republican candidates who ran in the initial election in November to fill the seat made it to the runoff election, meaning Democrats have definitively flipped the district. Republicans still hold a large majority in the state legislative body, but no longer have well beyond half of the number of seats.

Democrats also pulled out a surprise win in the Atlanta mayoral race, with¬†Keisha Lance Bottoms claiming a narrow victory — with a margin of 794 votes — over an independent with links to the GOP.

The victory continues a recent string of electoral wins for the Democrats, particularly in the state legislative bodies. In November, Democratic candidates swept the state elections in Virginia and added 16 seats to the Virginia House of Delegates. They also swept statewide positions in elections in New Jersey.

The Democrats have also been successful at flipping districts that previously went heavy for Trump — in some cases by double digits during the 2016 election — particularly in New Hampshire and Oklahoma. In total, Democrats¬†have flipped 14 seats in special elections this year, while Republicans have not flipped any. The special elections and statewide elections this year — particularly in the South — are seen as a bellwether for the 2018 midterm elections.