Woman shocked with Taser after repeatedly telling police she’s pregnant

A pregnant Mississippi woman was electrocuted with a stun gun by a police officer multiple times on Monday, even after he had been notified she was pregnant.

Aviana White was a passenger when her brother was pulled over and failed to produce his driver’s license. Ms. White refused to giver the officer name, saying she was not legally required to do so. White was later arrested after refusing officer orders to return to her vehicle.

White managed to make a call to the Pass Christian Police Dept. to complain about the officer’s treatment. Witness Alicia Burton said that the officer then “charged” White, ignoring her cries of “I’m pregnant!” Burton and White’s mother also cried out “Don’t Tase her, she’s pregnant!”

The officer electrocuted White at least three times – at least once in the abdomen – according to White’s mother. Burton said the officer “went to Tasing that girl all over her body.”

“That was a situation that escalated that didn’t have to escalate the way it did,” Burton said, who offered criticism that the officer should have waited for back-up.

“She was very defiant with the officer, and that’s what led up to this,” Police Chief Tim Hendricks said. “The officer asked her repeatedly to stay in the car and she refused to do that.”

White was arrested the next morning for “assaulting a police officer.” When asked about the felony charge, Hendricks said “I think the charges are justified.”

Burton’s full accounting of the incident can be seen here: