White Man Who Yelled ‘Shut Up, Slave!’ to Black Man at Starbucks Just Got What He Deserves

A man who went on a racist tirade in a Chicago Starbucks before assaulting a homeless man in June is now facing felony hate crime charges in addition to aggravated battery charges.

William Boucher, 24, was charged with four counts of aggravated battery in a public place and four counts of committing a hate crime after he became enraged when someone in the Starbucks apparently spilled coffee on him. Video of the incident went viral over the summer. Each of the battery charges carries a maximum of five years in prison and the hate crimes carry a maximum of three years a piece.

Here’s a sampling of Boucher’s hate speech that was captured in the video:

“Shut up, slave,” Boucher yelled at the black man he had singled out. “Do not talk to me.”

“Get on all fours. Do not walk off on two legs. You don’t deserve to walk on two legs, vermin,” Boucher yelled.

He told someone filming the incident, “Your children are disposable vermin.”

During the encounter in the store, Boucher compared the black man he had been attacking to livestock and said he should be tagged with a barcode of his security number.

Boucher then spat at a black man and woman, and as the incident continued outside, he punched a 59-year old homeless man in the face before being detained by bystanders until police arrived. The homeless man received treatment at the hospital for an eye injury.

According to Starbucks workers employed at the location where the incident took place, Boucher has caused trouble in the past, calling him a “problem customer,” but this was the first time he had been violent, a local ABC affiliate reported.

Boucher is due back in court in October, and is currently free after posting 10 percent of his bond.