Watch the exact moment the wind exposes Trump’s hideous hair piece

Footage of President Donald Trump boarding Air Force One went viral on Tuesday night, as wind from the plane’s engines revealed the truth about the president’s iconic hairdo.

Trump was recorded last Friday getting onto Air Force One to head from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland to Mar-a-Lago in Florida, according to Getty Images, but was without the MAGA hat he typically wears in these situations. As he climbed the stairs, cameras caught wind blowing the back of Trump’s feathery comb-over to reveal his scalp — and frankly, it’s a shocking image that’s hard to forget.

Take a look:

Journalist Ashley Feinberg was the first to notice Trump’s hair — or lack of it — on Tuesday night.

“at first i didnt think this could possibly be real but…. i think it is?” Feinberg tweeted. “imagine what those locks look like soaking wet.”

Needless to say, social media users had a field day.

Trump has been notoriously obsessed with his hair and is known for his incredible vanity. Author Michael Wolff detailed in his book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House the meticulous process required to create the “Trump cut,” something daughter Ivanka apparently often mocks.

The book also revealed that Trump had a scalp-reduction surgery — and Feinberg noted that the wind might have revealed the scar confirming Wolff’s assertion.

Trump himself did acknowledge in an interview with Piers Morgan the delicate nature of his hairstyle.

“People find it hard to believe it’s my hair but it is. It’s hanging in, barely, it’s hanging in,” Trump said.

But only now have we learned exactly what Trump meant by “barely.”