Vicente Fox Unloads On Trump Over DACA

Many have condemned President Donald Trump’s decision to phase out the DACA (Deffered Action for Childhood Arrivals) program that was instituted by his predecessor, Barack Obama. And one of the harshest criticisms is coming from former President of Mexico Vicente Fox, who made it perfectly clear how he felt about the move.

In a tweet directed straight to President Trump, Fox denounced the move as “one of the vilest acts you’ve pulled off.”

Fox also made it abundantly clear how he felt about Trump’s place in history as the 45th President of the United States. “You’re destroying the legacy of greater men before you,” Fox wrote, a clear jab at Trump.

Trump and Fox have traded barbs in the past. Although Fox ended his presidential term in 2006, he has often been critical of the current American president, especially on the issue of immigration.

Early in Trump’s tenure, Fox made sure that the American president knew that Mexico would never pay for a border wall between the two countries, a talking point and promise that Trump made while on the campaign trail. Fox used the hashtag #FuckingWall in his tweet to Trump, and reiterated the point later this summer as a “small reminder” to him.

On Tuesday, the Trump administration announced that it was ending the DACA program, ceasing new applications immediately and phasing out the protection of students and other children of immigrants over the course of the next six months. More than 800,000 individuals could be deported as a result.

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