Trump woke up and started tweeting violent anti-Muslim videos from Neo-Nazi extremists

President Donald Trump has a history of using his personal Twitter account to share questionable content — like the time he shared a video of himself wrestling and beating up a figure with the CNN logo over its head.

Now, he’s moved onto retweeting violent videos meant to advance an Islamophobic agenda posted by a top official for a far-right British group.

Early Wednesday morning, Trump retweeted three video clips from Britain First Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen with titles like “Muslim migrant beats up a Dutch boy on crutches!” “Muslim destroys a statue of Virgin Mary!” and “VIDEO: Islamist mob pushes teenage boy off roof and beats him to death.”

The Independent cited local media proving that the attacker in the first video was not even a Muslim nor a migrant and was arrested for the attack on the boy. Dutch reports confirmed the same.

The mob video was likely from Egypt, where the boy was murdered in the aftermath of the coup against former President Mohamed Morsi

What’s interesting is that Trump retweeted Fransen videos shortly after she was arrested for an incendiary hate speech in Belfast. Fransen was found guilty in 2016 of abusing a Muslim woman and her four children.

Britain First is a far-right and ultranationalist political group formed by former members of the right-wing British National Party. It opposes multiculturalism and stages “Christian Patrols” against Mosques and harasses Muslims. The extremist group is also known for publishing misleading — and Islamophobic — media to spark reactions.

So far, it has not managed to win any seats in local government or parliamentary elections.

Fransen was enthusiastic that Trump retweeted her content, saying “GOD BLESS YOU TRUMP!”

The videos Trump retweeted are below and may contain violence that is disturbing to some viewers.