Trump Says Thousands Greeted Him At Eiffel Tower. HuffPost’s Response Is Perfect.

President Donald Trump is making another ambitious claim about his crowd sizes. This time, it involves his recent visit to France.

It all started French President Emmanuel Macron invited Trump to visit Paris this month to take part in that nation’s Bastille Days celebration. Trump accepted the invitation, during which, he told the New York Times, he had enormous crowd sizes at the Eiffel Tower.

Trump claimed to the Times’s Maggie Haberman that Macron said to him the people “love him in France.” He also suggested his crowd size at the Paris landmark was record-setting or very close to it.

“We had dinner at the Eiffel Tower, and the bottom of the Eiffel Tower looked like they could have never had a bigger celebration ever in the history of the Eiffel Tower,” he said. “I mean, there were thousands and thousands of people, ’cause they heard we were having dinner.”

But the HuffPost in France disagreed. In an article appearing on their site today, they responded to Trump’s characterizations of his crowd size in a not-so-unfamiliar way: “Really?”

“The HuffPost was on the spot throughout the evening and we are still looking for the frenzied crowd in our images,” they write. Indeed, a video of the day’s festivities shows a small gathering, hardly the biggest celebration “ever” in the history of the landmark, as Trump said it was.

Watch the video of HuffPost’s questioning Trump’s exaggerations below (in French):

The HuffPost ends its article by asking, “Fake news Donald Trump?”

This isn’t the first time that President Trump has exaggerated his crowd sizes. Following his inauguration, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that Trump’s crowd sizes were “the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period,” a claim that was repeated by Trump himself just days later. Those claims, the media pointed out, were blatantly false.

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