Trump Rage Tweets as Republican Candidates Go Down in Flames

Democrats are retaking Virginia in numbers they could not have dared to hope for — easily beating gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie and now on track to retaking Virginia’s House of Delegates — and President Trump is already framing it as a “win” for the Republican party.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie had distanced himself from the president, whose popularity ratings are at record lows, but his campaign wholeheartedly embraced the racist values of the Trump campaign. Gillesepie promised to ban sanctuary cities in the state, even though Virginia has no sanctuary cities. His ads featured the words “Kill, Rape, Control” over an dark image of an immigrant, and also sought to exploit voter’s hatred of black NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality. He also vowed to preserve Confederate memorials on state property.

Trump’s claims that Gillespie does not “embrace what I stand for” are typically baffling, given his frequent enthusiastic tweets in support of the candidate before the election results.

Trump also made no mention of the fact that Democrats have unseated a whopping 13 Republican seats in Virginia’s House of Delegates, and only need 4 more victories to take control of the House.